Expectations for Winter Wonderfestival 2013

The clock is ticking and Wonderfestival is a mere four days away! That’s right, only four days away from the glorious event that makes collectors squeal with joy and wallets scream in pain. After finding the last Wonfes to be a bit of a letdown, I’m eager to see figure companies make up for the lull and showcase some awesome stuff! And since we all have our own things we’re hoping to see, I’ve complied a list of some figures I want to be at the event along with a guess of how likely my wish is to come true.
*Warning this list is figma heavy*

Yami Usagi’s Winter Wonderfestival 2013 Expectations:

The sculpted prototype of Goodsmile Company’s Tsukihi Araragi from Nisemonogatari

Tsukihi and her sister Karen were announced alongside each other at last year’s Wonfes. Karen was sculpted at the time but, Tsukihi was(and still is) just an illustration. Since Karen recently went up for preorder, I’m really eager to see Tsukihi sculpted and painted–especially since that yukata would have her fit quite well into my scaled figure collection.

The odds? Very high. GSC’s Monogatari line has been very successful and there’s no way they’d leave Karen alone.

figma wish (2)
A figma of Leafa from Sword Art Online

Although I’m not a fan of Suguha Kirigaiya, I can’t help but feel an attachment to her avatar Leafa. Leafa has a fun design that would transition quite well into an action figure, and I’d love to see how Max Factory would do her wings.

The odds? Looking good, SAO was very popular and Leafa is a lead character in the Alfheim arc. If MF could only make one more SAO figma, I bet it would be Leafa.

figma wish 3
A figma of Alfheim Kirito from Sword Art Online

And while we’re discussing Leafa, why not Kirito? Male figmas are uncommon, but Kirito’s Aincrad design got a figma and he got as much screen time as Leafa. Of course in an industry where being the main character means nothing if you’re a boy, Kirito’s chances are lowered.

The odds? Above average. Would be almost certain if her were a girl.

figma wish 4
A figma of Asuna Titania version from Sword Art Online

I swear this list isn’t going to be all SAO, but Asuna might as well be mentioned! Asuna didn’t play a huge part in this costume, but she is an elf girl with an exposed midriff, and that counts for a lot in the figure world! Her accessories could be pretty great too. She could have chains, ripped clothing, some horrified faces, and…chains. Clearly Asuna would be Revoltech Woody’s dream girl, this figma needs to happen!

The odds? A notch higher than Kirito’s…strangely.

figma wish append
Figmas of Len and Rin Kagamine Append

I’ve actually been wishing for these since their designs were revealed, but now with a figma and nendoroid of Append Miku along with the Len and Rin Append nendoroids currently up for order, it would be cruel for Max Factory not to give us figmas as well. Besides, those clear parts would look amazing on figmas!

The odds? Very high, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

A figma of Kaede Takakagi from Idolm@aster Cinderella Girls

In an unexpected turn of events, Max Factory announced figmas of Rin Shibuya and Anzu Futaba as their exclusives for Wonfes, so more Cinderella Girls figmas wouldn’t be much of a surprise(although I wonder if they’d be exclusive as well). Of course this leaves the door open for any of the Cinderella Girls characters, but I chose Kaede because I love how her nendoroid petites came out and would consider owning a figma of her.

The odds? Decent. If two girls got figmas, why not more?

figma wish kyoko
A figma of Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica in her casual clothes

We have school versions of Madoka, Homura, Mami, and Sayaka already, so Kyoko just has to be next, right? Poor Kyoko is always last, but there’s no way they’d forget her! My only fear is that we would get Kyoko in the uniform she never wore, but that shouldn’t be too likely…

The odds? Quite high. Sayaka needs someone to eat apples with!

figma wish okarin
A figma of Okabe Rintarou

This is mostly wishful thinking on my part, but a figma Okarin is long overdue. Every day that I see Kurisu alone on my shelf, it fills my heart with sadness. And considering Plum’s recent Okarin scale and the Steins;Gate movie coming out soon, this wish might be within the realm of possibility. If not Okarin, at least give us Mayuri!

The odds? Below average, but I believe!

figma wish
A figma of Silica from Sword Art Online

So far, I’m surprised by the lack of milking for SAO, but perhaps this event will kick the companies into milking mode! After Kirito and Asuna, Silica is my favorite SAO character, and I’m surprised she doesn’t have any official figures yet. Not just Silica’s clothing, but her dragon Pina would look amazing in figma form.

The odds? Above average. Now is the time!

A figma of Chariot from the Black Rock Shooter TV Anime

I’m shocked we don’t have this yet. There’s already an unpainted nendoroid prototype, so surely a figma can’t be far behind.

The odds? High, I hope

lancer figma wish
A figma of Lancer from Fate/Zero

Another thing I’m shocked by. We got a steady progression of figmas while Fate/Zero was airing, but then everything ceased after Kiritsugu. This leaves us with Saber, Irisviel, and Kiritsugu as the only Fate/Zero figmas, and I can’t believe MF missed out on the opportunity to actually have an audience for some good manly figmas. Hopefully the door isn’t closed on these because I’d like at least Lancer.

The odds? Meh

more pokemon
More Pokémon!

An odd wish, but ever since GSC started producing Nintendo characters and Bandai produced D-Art’s figures of the Kanto starters and Mewtwo, my hope for more Pokemon figures has been revived. Although the Pokemon are great, my greatest dream is figures of the trainers themselves!

The odds? Keep dreaming, Usagi

nendoroid wish
The sculpted Sakura Kinomoto nendoroid

Although I don’t collect nendos, I’m eager to see how she turns out. Perhaps the nendoroid will even lead to other Cardcaptor Sakura figure announcements!

scaled wish (2)
A scaled figure of Kirito from Sword Art Online

A few Asuna figures have been announced, but there’s no sign of a quality Kirito. Hopefully that will change. I’d especially like a Kirito to compliment Kotobukiya’s Asuna.

The odds? Below average…

scaled wish
A scaled figure of Watashi from Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Although I haven’t had the chance to mention it, I loved Jinrui! The dark humor, nonsensical characters, and vibrant art came together and created my dream anime, and shows like that don’t come around to often. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy watching raw chickens fall to Ave Maria? Unfortunately niche shows like this tend to garner very little attention from figure makers as they just don’t compare with the moe fanservice shows otakus clamor for. I’m already planning on buying Amiami Zero’s faerie set when it’s completed, but a proper figure of the heroine Watashi would be amazing. I actually think Alter would be perfect for the task as Jinrui seems like the mildly obscure yet vastly unappreciated series they would go for. Imagine how awesome Watashi would look on a diorama base surrounded by adorable faeries like in the illustration, and with Alter’s sculpting and colors, it would be fantastic!

The odds? Average

And on that note I conclude my Wonderfestival expectations list! Surely with a list of this size, at least one wish will come true!

So how about you? Are there any figures on this list you’re dying to see as well, or are you wishing for something different?


9 thoughts on “Expectations for Winter Wonderfestival 2013

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  3. I’m really hoping for Rin and Len figmas as well…my only figma is Miku Append, and she always looks so lonely, considering I made a deal with myself to only Append figmas…


  4. I like your wish list!

    I’m not as sure we’ll get another Kyoko, either in casual clothes or in an unadvisable school uniform. She had a re-issue of her original design, so maybe that counts as her second release? Unless she was just that popular that she sold out like that so they had to re-issue her. But I can’t imagine she’s more popular than Homura, etc.

    I’m looking for a Yukine Chris figma from Symphogear, probably an EX or SP or whatevr since her guns are major. She was the best girl in that series.


    • Haha thanks! Although I had to cut some things since my wishlist ended up being larger than anticipated…

      Kyoko’s re-release with Sayaka was actually because the initial run of the figures was smaller than usual and didn’t meet demand. She’s definitely not as popular as Homura and Mami, but I think Kyoko has a chance because people love to milk popular shows. My feeling is that Kyoko has a decent chance, but like with the Kagamine twins, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.


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