Loot: January 2013

Behold! The first loot of 2013! Because of a group order I joined, all of my December loot actually hasn’t made it here yet, so I’ll be skipping ahead to January and posting December whenever it gets here.

This month had only two figures, but I ended up having to use EMS since one of the boxes was really big. How big? Caster is here to show us:
I’d almost forgotten how nice it is to receive a package in under a week…

As usual, my regular shipments come from Amiami. I used to use Hobbysearch, but ended up switching over due to Amiami’s lower prices and more diverse shipping options.
These little notes they’ve recently begun including are pretty cute too. I suppose my only qualm with Amiami is their stingy points system. I understand that the lower prices make up for it, but it’s a bit sad when you’ve been shopping somewhere for almost a year, and only have enough points for a $4 discount.

Now onto the contents of the box! Inside are two ladies I’ve been waiting for since November!
Kuroyukihime from Accel World and Momohime from Oboro Muramasa.

I’ll be posting my review of Kuroyuki later ,but so far I can say that my favorite part of her is the Haruyuki pig avatar she comes with!
He’s just so adorable!

It looks like Caster and Haruyuki have made friends too!

Stare into Caster’s lifeless eyes and feel the cuteness!

Moving on to Momohime. She was one of those figures I’d always seen, but never thought I’d own. Perhaps it was her dangerously short skirt or my lack of interest in scaled figures, but when I first saw her, I just never gave her a second thought. Thankfully but the time Momohime’s re-release was announced, I already owned two scaled figures and had a newfound love of kimonos. I soon ordered her, and sure am glad I did! She’s lovely, dynamic, and looks great among my other figures. Were the weather not so phooey, I’d have more photos of her, but for now here’s more Haruyuki.
I can already tell how awesome she is!


2 thoughts on “Loot: January 2013

  1. Coolness, I have yet to get my first loot of the year. Although only a couple of figmas I’m looking forward to them a lot, specially since they got delayed from December but what’s new I guess?

    If there is only one scale figure your are getting Momohime is a great choice it is a very nice figure. Easily attested by just how many people bought the original release.


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