Figma News Fridays 1/11/13

It’s time for the very first Figma News Fridays of 2013! Since last week began with a holiday, there wasn’t much figure activity, but with Wonderfestival on the way, companies are getting back into the swing of things. We had two figmas go up for preorder this week, and two release dates named, so lets get started!


Asuna’s Preorders Begin

Asuna preview page

From the digital world of Sword Art Online comes the sub-commander of Knights of the Blood Oath, Asuna! Not only does Asuna come wearing her stunning costume, she has both the rare Silveric Rapier and her better known weapon Lambient Light along with parts to emulate sword skills so she can fight alongside Kirito. Asuna and her adorable expressions will be ready in June for 3619 yen.

Yippee! Asuna looks great! Her fighting face looks just like it did in the anime, and has a lot more personality than the standard angry figma face(like the one they gave Kirito). Her upset face will work quite nicely with Kirito’s embarrassed expression too! I’m not usually fond of effect parts, but even those look really cool! My only complaint is the lack of cooking accessories. Did they forget about all the sandwiches Asuna made? It seems like an odd choice to include a sword that didn’t even appear in the anime when there were other more well-known things she could’ve come with… Regardless, she’s an instant get for me!


Kuroyukihime’s Release Date Announced

kuroyukihime preview page

After two months of being delayed, Kuroyukihime is almost ready! She’ll be out on January 19th.

Finally! I’m already looking forward to photographing her in the spring!

Nyarlathotep’s Release Date Announced

nyaruko preview page
Nyaruko(who was also delayed) will be out soon too! She’ll be available January 25th!


Cobra’s Preorders Begin

cobra preivew pic

Prepare you collections because the unstoppable Cobra is coming! Reigning from Cobra the Space Pirate is the space pirate himself, Cobra. Equipped with his Psycho gun and an optional arm part to conceal it, Cobra is ready to storm the figma world. And if the Psycho gun isn’t enough, Cobra also has moveable eyes and extra joints in his toes! Display him in his shocking red outfit, and prepare to be amazed! Cobra will be available this May for 3810 yen.

Although Cobra isn’t the first figma to have moveable eyes(I’m pretty sure Love Machine was), it’s a pretty neat feature. Unfortunately it seems to have brought up the price considerably as he doesn’t come with much else. It’s also great to see more male figmas! But since Cobra’s anime was before my time, and he’s not the type of male figure I like(you know how I love my scrawny boys XD), I’ll be passing.

Well, that’s all for this week! Did any new preorders interest you? Is anything you’ve been waiting for finally being released? Leave a comment, and I’ll see you next week!


2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 1/11/13

  1. Asuna is a must-have for me – in fact, I just managed to pre-order one for myself. I agree with you about the other sword. The “Silveric Rapier” is her starting sword, and is just the oddest thing to add. Why the heck does she need two rapiers anyway; perhaps for fans to dual-wield her (with rapier??) just for the lulz? =P

    I have all but forgotten about Kuroyukihime, after the period of delays. Oops!

    Cobra caught my interest, and I really liked the lit-up lighter. Could work well with my current group of gun-slinging, smoking dudes (Kiritsugu, Sunred, Golgo13), but I will just wait and see. Probably get Cobra after release date, instead of preordering.


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