CD: Innocence By Aoi Eir

Today I received my first item of 2013! It may not be a figure, but since it is anime related, I thought I’d make a little post about it.

The item in question is the limited pressing anime edition of Aoi Eir’s new single Innocence. Some will undoubtedly recognize the title song Innocence as the opening to the Alfheim arc of Sword Art Online.

If it hasn’t become obvious already, I’m on a bit of a SAO collecting rampage(one of these days, I should talk about why that special anime has stolen my heart…). I initally planned to exclude this CD from my SAO collection, but after buying Crossing Field and loving it, and a small misunderstanding which I will discuss later, I figured there wasn’t much to lose and went ahead and bought it.

I’ll start by saying that since I am by no means a music critic and it is rather difficult to judge music when your audience isn’t necessarily able to hear it, this mini review will be more of a look at what the limited pressing version comes with, and my thoughts on whether or not it was a worthwhile purchase. So let’s get started!

The CD in it’s plastic packaging. I got it from CDJapan for 1429 yen plus 500 yen for SAL shipping, which brings this CD to a total of 1929 yen.

Now removed from the plastic. The front side is adorned by Spriggan Kirito breaking through some chains with his mighty gloved hand.

The back has Asuna in her Titania dress ready to be freed by Kirito’s mighty hand. Putting my bizarre comments aside, I actually do love the art. I have no problem with digital art, but there’s just something about that traditional look that brings characters to life, and makes this CD look quite nice.

Whereas Crossing Field’s limited pressing had the CD tucked into an illustrated box, this one actually has the cover art melded to the case. I like this approach much better as it makes the CD feel less like the regular edition shoved into a fancy box, and more like a limited package.

But enough about the outside, here’s what’s inside!
Two discs and some paper goods

First is the two discs. Both have feathers printed on them. Quite nice.

The first disc is the CD itself. It contains the songs Innocence, Velvet Tears, Dear Brightness, and the TV cut of Innocence. They add up to 15 minutes of music.
Of the three songs, I don’t really have a favorite. Innocence has that up-beat adventure feel that makes it great for an anime opening, Velvet Tears(lol what is that supposed to mean? Is the velvet crying or am I crying velvet?) has a gritty intro and speedy chorus–I’d be tempted to roller skate to it if I didn’t know I’d hurt myself, and Dear Brightness is a slower song which makes me think of a meteor shower.
I’m satisfied with the music. It’s nothing super special, but it’s not bad either. I like that it sounds serious, and not like a moe anime CD.

The second disc is a DVD with the creditless second opening of SAO on it. Unfortunately the coding prevents me from watching it, so the DVD isn’t of much use to me.

Also included is a pamphlet with the song lyrics(in Japanese, of course) inside and a small card with Aoi Eir’s picture on it.

Earlier I mentioned that I purchased the CD partially due to a small misunderstanding. My misunderstanding was that the CD included a poster of the cover art. I’m aware that adding a poster is not an obligation of the company, but after Crossing Field had one, I just assumed that Innocence would too. I guess that’s my fault, but I am disappointed…

Final Thoughts
A good CD. The cover is printed vibrantly and the case is sturdy. My only disappointment is that there’s no poster.


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