2012 Photo Summary

With 2012 already behind us and 2013 rushing ahead, I’d like to take a moment to look back at 2012 and everything that was accomplished along with what 2013 may hold.

2012 was my second year collecting figures, it was also my first year blogging, and the beginning of my final year of high school.

My collecting resolution was to not buy so many useless things(stick to figmas!), and I think I did that decently. I managed to clear out a good deal of unwanted figures and bought fewer character goods. Of course the addition of Pureneemo Caster and all that Sword Art Online merchandise set me back a bit, but at least I feel that those were worthwhile purchases. For 2013, I plan to be very picky in regards to my preorders. A big reason for this is that when I graduate in May, I won’t be able to keep the job I have now, and will have to find a new source of income. To prepare for this, I’ll have to be cut my preorders down to must have figures only and save a lot. It will be a fierce test of self control!

But enough about my finances, I could rant some more about school and saving money, but nobody wants to hear about that, do they? Let’s get to the fun part: photo progress!

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is round up all of my photos from the year, and see which ones are best! I did this last year, and arranged them into a chart, but that was before the blog, so I wasn’t able to say much about the pictures. This time I have a chart along with some my favorite pictures from each month.
So behold, Yami Usagi’s 2012 Photo Summary!

2012 calendar
I love making these! Seeing all of the photos together makes me feel really happy and accomplished. I think it also documents the weather quite nicely!
As you can see, I love outdoor photography and using natural light, so my photography is very seasonal. One thing that was quite apparent in last year’s chart was the advent of cold weather. This year, the line is blurred much more, and I took outdoor photos far into November. In fact, Autumn didn’t really become apparent until late October. Thankfully this extended warm weather helped me to avoid the winter blues which I often become subject to when the days are shorter and colder which thoroughly deprives me of inspiration. The bad thing about this unseasonable warmth is that we haven’t had a flake of snow… But with the coldest part of winter ahead, that just might change.

Another thing I noticed was a lack of progress in general. With the exception of the warmer months, I found myself just not taking that many pictures. This is partly because of my busy school schedule, but it feels like I wasn’t as active, and there isn’t noticeable improvement like last year.

Regardless, there are still photos I’m proud of from 2012, so let’s break down the chart a bit and look my best photos of 2012!

Best of January

Brain Eaters
This month’s winner: “Brain Eaters”

January was a month of experimentation. I bought some cheap photography lights in an attempt to expand my skills. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out the lights, and this one picture which named “Brain Eaters” was the only one truly salvageable.

Best of February


Say Cheese!
“Say Cheese”

Tiny Cat on a Parfait
This month’s winner: “Tiny Cat on a Parfait”

February was a month of transition. “Say Cheese” shows that I was still experimenting with my cheap lights, but “Grumpy” was taken on an especially nice day when the plants were beginning to grow again. I remember I was even listening to “Perfect Day” by Supercell when I took that picture! I chose “Tiny Cat on a Parfait” as the winner because I like the texture in the rice cereal, and that parfait was really good >_>.

Best of March

Caught in a Tree
“Caught in a Tree”

Take My Hand
“Take My Hand”

Moe Yuki
“Moe Yuki”

Black Magic
“Black Magic”



Graceful Wind
“Graceful Wind:

This month’s winner: “Spring”

As March began, the first hints of spring began to appear. I had tons of fun running around outside with my figures and hunting for colorful buds and flowers wherever I could find them. I like “Caught in a Tree” because of how the buds compliment Kuroneko’s eyes. “Black Magic” was included as it is a rare night photo for me(my camera isn’t equipped for proper night shots), and although “Spring” was the winnder, “Graceful Wind” was a close second.

Best of April

Tea with Mami
“Tea with Mami”

Sunset Apples
“Sunset Apples”

Kamineko and Roses
“Kamineko and Roses”

Ladies Like Muscles
This month’s winner: “Ladies Like Muscles”

Warm days continued in April. “Sunset Apples” is my favorite picture of my favorite pony and I love how the clear plastic in “Kamineko with Roses” looks with the illuminated rose in the background. “Ladies Like Muscles” was my winner because Shiro and Saber are my favorite figma couple!

Best of May

Strength Sitting
“Strength Sitting”

Kyoko and Sayaka
“Kyoko and Sayaka”

Distant Hope
“Distant Hope”

Blue Power
“Blue Power”

Impending Doom
“Impending Doom”

Wild Kyubey Appeared
“Wild Kyubey Appeared”

May seems to be a bright or dramatic month. I chose “Distant Hope”, “Impending Doom”, and “Strength Sitting” because I light the lighting, but “Blue Power” and the winner “Wild Kyubey Appeared” because of their vibrant colors.

Best of June

Glistening Symphony
“Glistening Symphony”


Morning Nap
“Morning Nap”

Morning Fireworks
“Morning Fireworks”


Feel the Wind
“Feel the Wind”

Sunny Day
“Sunny Day”


Long Haired King
“Long Haired King”

Tea Outdoors
“Tea Outdoors”

Madoka Musica
“Madoka Musica”

Bird of Light
“Bird of Light”


This month’s winner: “Jungle”

An extremely productive month. Many days were gorgeous, so I did a lot of outdoor photo shoots, and had a tough time narrowing down this month’s photos. I chose “Jungle” as the winner for June because I adore the colors, I’m very happy that shot ^^’

Best of July

Homura's New Look
“Homura’s New Look”

City Roof
“City Roof”

Tree Time
“Tree Time”

Miku Fishing
This month’s winner: “Miku Fishing”

Not as big a month as June, but I think July had some good quality pictures. It’s always fun taking pictures like “Homura’s New Look” and “Miku Fishing”, but I’m also pleased with the composition of “City Roof” and “Tree Time”.

Best of August

Action Strength
This month’s winner: “Action Strength”

August was not a large month at all. Still, I like the colors and sense of motion in “Action Strength”

Best of September

Isn't it Nice Out?
“Isn’t it Nice Out?”

Scrambled Eggs
This month’s winner: “Scrambled Eggs”

Another slow month, but “Scrambled Eggs” is one of my favorite pictures, so I’m not upset.

Best of October

Sad Movie
“Sad Movie”

Good Brothers
This month’s winner: “Good Brothers”

I chose “Good Brothers” as the best because I love the composition. And aren’t penguins cute?

Best of November



Green Tea
“Green Tea”

hachikuji rain 5
“Hachikuji in the Rain”



Wheat Warrior
This month’s winner: “Wheat Warrior”

This year’s late Autumn! The colorful leaves allowed me to take some more exciting pictures, but the unfortunately were gone by the time I got Inori… I chose “Wheat Warrior” as the winner because of the dramatic pose, but “Webs” was a close second. Oddly, some of my favorite pictures from this month are from reviews I have yet to finish ^^’.

Best of December


Saber towel



Candy Cane
“Candy Cane”

This month’s winner: “Hollywood”

December is clearly dominated by Saber Alter although Yuki did manage to sneak in. I’ve also become more interested in black and white photography, so I’d like to experiment with that a little more.

Well, that’s 2012! This post turned out much longer than I expected, but I hope it was enjoyable to read. What was your favorite picture from this group? Do you have a favorite 2012 picture of your own? Please comment if you do! Now, on to 2013! May it be a productive and happy year for you all!

by the way, here’s last year’s chart improvement 2011


3 thoughts on “2012 Photo Summary

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  2. Great photos! I really love how each photos you took has a name of its own and when you collage them together at the end of a year, it really gives much nostalgia. I was thinking of taking more photos of my own figures this year to make a video montage at the end of the year. I’ve definitely gotten more motivation and feel a lot more excited about it after seeing yours!


    • Thank you! Taking pictures is my favorite part of having figures…it’s also a great way to justify owning them >_>. Going over everything and making that chart is a great way to kick off the year, and see how much you’re improved, I’d highly recommend doing it! =)


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