Loot: November 2012

All of my November loot is finally here! It’s already the end of December though…
Most of the loot came early in November, but the last bit was my monthly shipment from amiami which unfortunately was held up in the Christmas rush and ended up taking 22 days to get to me(it was SAL Registered, but that normally only takes around 14 days). But in the end, everything got here saely, and I’m thankful for just that.
This month was rather light on figures, but has a good deal of random trinkets. So let’s jump right into the loot!

November 2012 loot
Here’s everything! Please don’t mind the stuff in the background. >_>

First to arrive was this Fate/Zero poster.
Saber Iri poster
I’ve always loved this illustration. It negates the dark atmosphere of Fate/Zero and depicts a genuinely happy moment between Saber and Irisviel. Rather than appearing generic and lifeless(as I feel most anime key visuals made into posters are), this illustration really rings the characters to life. I’m also a sucker for traditional art, so when I saw someone selling this poster on figure.fm, I made sure to get it!

Next was my special item.
Caster loot shot
Those who have been following the blog lately should recognize Caster, but she is indeed the special item i’ve been hinting at for the last few loot posts. I need to devote more time to her, but in the mean time, I have at least have her review up…

only figures
The only figures this time are the Saber Alter Beach Queen and figma Karen Araragi. I haven’t gotten to play with Karen yet, but I’ve already photographed Saer Alter for her review, and I LOVE HER. She’s definitely one of my favorites now! Her review should be up tomorrow.
And for anyone wondering what happened to my reviews of figma Kiritsugu, figma BRS anime ver, and GSC’c Inori–I have not forgotten about them. Since the figures came out a while ago, I’ve put the reviews on hold until I review everything new, then I’ll get back to them. This goes for all reviews actually. I’ll give newer figures priority, and resume with older figure reviews once those are completed.

With the figures aside, the trinkets are the last thing. It seems there’s a theme going with these…
SAO junk
Sword Art Online much? Awww you guys know I love that anime(no matter how special it got =_=).
Here we have an Asuna and Kirito mousepad, a Kirito mug, and a soft keychain.

This mousepad was a total impulse buy. It was inexpensive, and had Kirito and Asuna, so I bought it. I don’t even remember the poor excuse I came up with to buy it when I did…it was most likely something about the pretty picture. Suprisingly though, this ended up being a very well timed purchase because I got a laptop for Christmas! Laptop mouses(?) bother me, so I’m planning on buying a standard mouse, and when I do, I’ll have a mousepad! Yay!

Now behold! The only cup I will drink from from now on! An anime mug is one of those random items I always secretly wanted, and when this one of Kirito went up for around 800 yen, I couldn’t resist. Especially since one side has Kirito’s true love: Sandwhich kun on it!

Last is this soft keychain. When I ordered it, I was under the impression that there were two(one with Kirito and one with Asuna) included, but it’s actually just double-sided. That’s a tad dissapointing condidering what I planned to use it for, but looking back, I should’ve known. Regardless, it’s super soft, and I like squeezing it >_>(gosh that sounds so wrong).

Well that’s everything! Now for soe useless bonus shots >=)
Saber pillow

Caster pillow
Nice pillow, Caster.

Karen pillow

Well, that’s all for now! As you can see, I’m going to have alot of fun with that pillow, so expect more of it in the future! ;D


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