Figma News Fridays 12/28/12

Welcome everyone to the last Figma News Fridays of 2012! This week was a tad underwhelming, but I guess that’s to be expected because of Christmas and the monstrous previous week. This time there aren’t any preorders or releases, but there is a delay and a teaser for a newly painted figma, so let’s get started!

Update! More figmas added


Saber Bride Delayed
saber bride picture
Remember when Saber Bride’s release date was finally announced last week? Well that’s wrong now. For unknown reasons, Fate/Extra CCC and Saber Bride have had their release date changed to March,28 2013.


Cobra painted
cobra painted cobra
We haven’t seen him since Wonfes. He’s looking good though

Miyako Sculpted
miyako sculpted
The second Hidamari Sketch figma is sculpted! She sure is cute ^^

Asuna Painted
Asuna Friday
In what appears to be our last bit of figma news for the year, Asuna is painted! The general consensus seems to be that she looks better than Kirito, and although I agree that her body looks great, her face seems a tad out of proportion to me–almost making her appear older. Of course, that won’t stop me from getting her. And hopefully she’ll have better accessories than Kirito, at least give her a sandwich!

Well, that’s all for 2012! I look forward to continuing this series into 2013! By the way, this is my hundredth post!


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