Review: Figma Yuki Nagato

Hello, and welcome to another holiday themed review! This is actually a review of an old figure that’s coming by request. So let the review begin for figma Yuki Nagato by Max Factory.

Yuki is from the popular Haruhi Suzumiya franchise. Although the series’ popularity seems to be wavering nowdays(*cough* endless eight *cough*), it was unavoidable when it first aired, and has a special place in my heart for being the first real anime I watched. The series follows the rambunctuous Haruhi Suzumiya and her captive SOS Brigade who deal with a multitude of problems imposed on them by Haruhi herself. In other words, Haruhi is unaware of her god-like powers, and it’s up to her friends to undo the trouble she causes. Yuki is a member of the SOS Brigade and is actually an alien. Because she was not given emotion by the entity that created her, Yuki is devoid of emotion and introverted.

Yuki Nagato received the honor of being the first standard release figma(Chouyuusha Haruhi was the first ever). Since I wasn’t collecting back in 2008 when she was released, I did not get Yuki until this year.

yuki box
Yuki’s box has a simple blue and white color scheme which is reminiscent of the Haruhi Suzumiya character CDs.

yuki front

yuki side

yuki back

yuki hair top
Yuki’s short hair is painted in a calming lavender tone

yuki hair back
I like the way the back of her hair was sculpted. Shadows play off of it quite nicely.

yuki torso front
Yuki’s sailor uniform along with her signature cardigan are sculpted true to the anime.

yuki collar
Details like the stripes and monogram on her collar look good.

yuki torso back
The notches at the base and sleeves of her cardigan serve to make it more realistic. I’ve always liked that cardigan…

yuki socks and shoes
Yuki’s shoes are simple and brown.

Now let’s see what Yuki comes with! Being an early figma, Yuki doesn’t have many accessories. The little she comes with is more than some of her counterparts(Kyon,Mikuru, and Itsuki) though, so I’m happy about that.

First is her two exchangeable faces.
yuki faces
Stoic and sideways stoic.

The faces are true to Yuki’s character, so I can’t be too critical, but I really don’t like her first face(stoic). It makes Yuki look like she’s spacing out and often makes her appear dead or thoughtless in photos. I prefer to use her second faces since it posseses some semblance of thought.

Next is her multitude of hands
yuki hands
Top row: Open hands, fists, relaxed hands
Bottom row: Pointing, and gripping hands to hold whatever you can think of!

Yuki’s character specific accessories include:

yuki with glasses
A second hairpiece with glasses attatched.

yuki indoor shoes
and a pair of indoor shoes.

indoor shoe peg
The indoor shoes are attatched by removing her old shoes to reveal pegs. The new shoes are then slipped onto the pegs.

yuki new shoes
Nice shoes, Yuki!

She also has…
yuki and red book
A red book

red book close
There’s nothing exceedingly iteresting about the book, but it does have sculpted pages!

Next is another book
yuki with green book
This book is green and open so Yuki can read it.

green book close
A closeup

and since reading while standing can be such a bother, Yuki also has a chair
yuki and chair

disassembled chair
The chair needs to be assembled, but it comes together fairly easily.

yuki's chair
This is where Yuki spends most of her time…

Now that we’ve seen everything that Yuki comes with, let’s take her out for a photoshoot.
I noticed that after owning Yuki for a year, I’ve taken very few pictures of her…

candy cane
Merry Christmas!

moe yuki
Using the face that came with Disappearance Haruhi and Waitress Mikuru’s body.

After School
If you have the Dissapearance Haruhi figma, you have the option to make a cute Yuki like this!

Moe Yuki
More moe Yuki

Final Thoughts
Yuki is a necessary part of any SOS Brigade figma collection, and a great start for the figma line. Regardless, I’ve never had alot of fun with her. Although not a bad figma, Yuki tends to blend into my collection, and I often have to remind mysel to play with her. I’d recomend her i you need to complete a collection or have an emotional attatchment to the character.

Thanks for reading! And remember, if you have any requests, i’ll gladly take them! Just be aware that it may take me a while to get to them depending on my review workload(since I like to review newer figures ASAP).


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