Figma News Fridays 12/22/12

Hello, and welcome to Figma News Fridays! Wait, but isn’t today Saturday? I chose to wait until Saturday since magazine scans were due that day, and I wanted as much news as possible! But I may not have even needed to wait an extra day, because this week had a TON of news. We have a whopping four preorders, a release, a few delays, and those lovely magazine scans. So let’s get started!


Saber Bride Release Date Announced
saber bride picture
Saber Bride and the wonderful bundle she’s a part of are due on February 21, 2013.

Finally! I can’t wait to add her to my Saber family.


Racing Miku 2012 Delayed
racing miku 2012 pic
She’s now scheduled for January.

How unfortunate, especially since pre-payment was required for her(which is precisely why I couldn’t get one >_>).

Tekkaman Evil Release Date Announced
tekkaman evil preview page
He’ll be released on December 28th.


Kirito Preorders Begin
kirito preview page
From the highly anticipated anime Sword Art Online, comes the hero of SAO, black swordsman Kirito! Equipped with his swords, Elucidator and Dark Repulsor, Kirito is ready to slash his way to victory. Kirito is scheduled for May 2013 and retails for 3619 yen.

This figma reminds me of the Sword Art Online anime itself: great potential, failed somewhat, but I buy it anyway. Kirito looks nice, but he’s lacking in accessories necessary to give him pizzaz. Surely an HP bar, a menu, a teleportation crystal, a healing potion, or a ragout rabbit like the one that comes with his nendorid could have been included. I do love that embarrased face though, it’ll work quite well with Asuna, and I can’t wait to abuse it in comics! Instant preorder for me =).


Pit Preorders Begin
pit preview page
From the game Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami(AKA Kid Icarus:Uprising) comes Pit the winged warrior! Pit comes with a battle-ready expression, and all the weapons he needs to defeat whatever monsters come his way. Pit will be released in April 2013 and retails for 3619 yen.

I’m not familair with Pit, so this will be a pass for me. I love his jointed wings though!

Dark Pit Preorders Begin
dark pit preview page
Also from Shin Hikari Shinwa: Palutena no Kagami is Dark Pit! Like his counterpart, Pit, Dark Pit comes with all he needs to fight monsters(and mabye even Pit!). He retails for 3619 and will be released in April.

Another pass, but it’s great to see more Nintendo characters!

Egashira 2:50 Preorders Begin
Egashira 2:50 preview page
Do you like odd things? Wanna weird out your friends? Then this figma is for you! Based on the Japanese comedian with a decidedly vulgar style, comes Egashira 2:50. He’s equipped with multiple parts to allow you to depict the comedic stylings of Egashira in the comfort of your own home! Egashira 2:50 is scheduled for June 2013 and retails for 3619 yen.

Definitely a unique figma. If I had money with nowhere else to go(and didn’t find him a tad bit creepy), I’d get Egashira for bodyswaps, but I’ll be passing in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing what other people do with him though!

Josef Released
joseph preview page
Drossel will finally have her bike!


Aegis The Ultimate ver Delayed
aegis preview page
She is now scheduled for February 2013

Kuroyukihime Delayed
kuroyukihime preview page
Now set for January 2013

Wow, a two month delay? That stinks. I was going to have her shipped with Tsukihi, now she waited all that time for nothing…

Nyarlathotep Delayed
nyaruko preview page
Her new release date is January 2013

Nanoha Sacred Mode ver Delayed
sacred nanoha preview page
She’s now scheduled for January 2013

Scarlet Rain Delayed
scarlet rain preview page
Her new release is January 2013


Asuna’s Sculpt Revealed
asuna sculpt scan
Looking good so far! I hope she comes with more than Kirito though. It looks like Kirito won’t be alone for too long, because Asuna’s planned release is June 2013.

Cryska Barchenowa Sculpt Revealed
Cryska Barchenowa  sculpt scan

Well, that concludes the longest Figma News Fridays ever! Did you see anything you like? Dissapointed by any delays? Then leave a comment, and I’ll see you next week for the last FNF of 2012!


5 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 12/22/12

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  3. For some reason I thought Saber Bride had been out for a while, but apparently you’re right, we’re still pre-release. And apparently her butt cleavage disturbs me a little even though Black Gold Saw’s butt cleavage is too cute. Anyway, thanks – enjoying your new posts.


    • Saber Bride was announced over a year ago, so it eels like she’s been out a while. I even had time to order her, wait a few months, cancel,wait more, and order her again.
      The butt window is rather odd. What I can’t get over is that her outfit is supposed to be a wedding dress… >_>

      Glad you’re enjoying them! I like writing these, but it’s great to know people read them too ^^’


  4. When I first saw they released Pit, I was a bit sad since I prefer Dark Pit, but now that he’s going to be released I incredibly happy! I can’t wait for April!


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