Review: Pureneemo Caster

Hello, and welcome to a holiday-themed review of Pureneemo Caster by Azone!

This particular Caster hails from the JRPG for PSP titled Fate/Extra. The game puts a different spin on Type Moon’s Holy Grail War by having you play as an amnesia stricken master who is thrust into a digital world and forced to fight to the death. The game adheres to the visual novel style, and utilizes a rock-paper-scissors system for battles. Caster, alongside Saber and Archer, is one of the three playable servants, and features the only entirely original player servant design.

I chose Caster as my servant in the game for her cute design(yeah, I know that’s not the best idea), and absolutely fell in love with her. The Caster of Fate/Extra’s loyal easygoing attitude appeals to me much more than the tsundere Saber’s(excessive tsundere annoys me to be honest), and I longed to own a figma of her. But, for some reason, the figma never came, and I hoped in vain. Even after acquiring Phat Company’s Caster scale, a hole still remained in my heart. In the meantime, I began to have a profound interest in Azone’s line of adorable dressable poseable Pureneemo dolls. But seeing the $100+ pricetags, I suppressed my desire, and looked the other way. Yet nothing could save me from that fateful moment when I stumbled upon the preview images for Azone’s Pureneemo Caster. It was love at first sight, and I knew I had to have her. Of course, the one doll I wanted had to be exclusive, and finding a place to preorder her was not a pleasant experience. Long story short, I have two new things now: my very own Pureneemo Caster and a giant hole in my pocket.

With my diatribe aside, let’s get to the the review. This is my first(and hopefully only) time reviewing a doll, so please bear with me.

Pureneemo Caster box
Caster has the typical Pureneemo box. It has a watery theme at the top to reflect the theme of Fate/Extra, and pink near the bottom to match Caster’s image color. Caster herself was secured in a plastic blister with various strips of plastic to cover delicate areas like her eyes.

Since this is a doll with several pieces of clothing, i’ll start at square one: her body! In general terms, Pureneemos are on the smaller end of the doll scale. There are several body sizes within the line though. Caster has a size L body with a large bust.
caster body front
As you can see, she’s a decent size–about as big as a piece of printer paper, and has plenty of visible points of articulation. I believe she is actually one of the first Pureneeos to make use of the large body.

Caster body side
In what appears to be an ongoing trend with Caster(Phat’s scaled figure has it too), she is sporting a pair of blue shimapan. I understand that this is considered moe, but it clashes with her character’s historical context in my opinion…
I should also add that the red ribbon on her chest is NOT included with her, I just added it for censorship. >_>

caster body back
I wish her hairline extended to the bottom of her neck. That it abruptly stops in the middle of her head looks kind of strange.

Now let’s focus on some of Caster’s finer details.
Caster pigtails
Her hair is candy pink and comes with the pigtails already in tact. Upon opening her, I noticed that the hair on the final product is much longer than that of the protoype. As a result, I ended up trimming her side bangs a bit. It looks much better in my opinion.

Caster's hairbow
The bow on top of her head comes unattatched, and needs to be applied by inserting a pin into her head. Ouch!

Caster's eyes
Caster’s lovely golden eyes are decals. Touching them should be avoided as it may cause damage!

Caster shoulder
Unlike other Pureneemos, Caster has joints on her shoulders that allow her to move her arms out. Very useful for casting spells.

Caster's chest
Caster’s large bust is a quite noticeable feature. Unfortunately her black outfit caused some staining.

Caster’s most defining attributes are her foxy ears and tail. Both of which come unnattatched.
Caster ears and tail

Caster ears
The ears slip into her hair.

Caster tail hole
And the tail plugs into a hole on her lower back.

Caster fox now!
Once her ears and tail are present, Caster looks like her foxy self!

Now let’s take a look at her clothing!

Here is Caster’s wardrobe!
Caster clothes
It consists of: a kimono, detatched sleeves, an obi, a collar, socks, and a pair of shoes.

First the kimono:
Caster's kimono
Caster’s kimono is a deep blue, and attatches with velcro in the back. It is sewn quite nicely, and has several impressive details!

kimono top
The layered top showcases her large chest. It’s also responsible for those pesky stains…

hip tassles
There are also tassles at her hips

feet tassles
And near her feet.

Next is her black obi.
Caster's obi
The obi also attatches via velcro in the back. It can be a tad difficult to line up properly around her tail though.

obi patterns
The lower parts of the obi bear a striking pattern. They also have wires inside which help to balance her.

Next are her sleeves.
Caster sleeves
The sleeves are layered like her top. They stay on fine, but can make bending her elbows dificult.

Her collar also attatches with velcro
Caster's collar

Next we have her socks.
Caster socks
Despite their small size, the socks fit over her legs quite easily.

Last, but not least is her shoes.
Caster shoes
The shoes are made of plastic, and are honestly a pain to keep on. And when combine with the heavy plastic tail, make standing impossible for her. Since I’d rather not lose the shoes, I keep them off of her most of the time.

And ta-da! Now you have Caster!
ta-da Caster!

Since she’s a doll, Caster doesn’t need many accessories, but she thankfully has a few. First is six pairs of interchangeable hands.
c hands
Included are: open, relaxed, fists, gripping, bent fists(I assume they’re for nyan nyan kitty poses), and “cool hands”.

Having extra hands is great, but I found them a pain to change out. It’s reminiscent of old figmas, and I prefer to use the extra hands as little as possible.

Her other accessory is a set of ofuda. The ofuda are made of sturdy paper, and need to be cut out.

ofuda in hand
Once the ofuda are cut out, they can be placed in Caster’s relaxed hands for spell casting action!

Now that we’ve seen everything Caster comes with, it’s time for a little photoshoot!
I didn’t have time for a proper shoot, so I took some pictures of her in the Christmas tree instead. I plan to take better photos of her eventually though, so those will go up in a post sometime in the future. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

Golden Lights
Golden Lights

Golden Lights was my favorite photo from the aforementioned photo shoot that I, future Yami Usagi, am now editing. In the time that I’ve had her, Caster(now named Tamaki) has become an important part of my doll “family” and has even encouraged me to venture farther into the deep murky world of dolls. Here are some photos taken after this review that show just how special my little Tamaki has become.

Hello Flowers
Wearing a yukata. This was her first home made piece of clothing made by my mom.

chomp chomp
Munching on a summer treat.

sakura tamaki 10
spring cherry blossoms

rk 10
Relaxing in the summer heat.

camping buddies
Camping in the fall with my second Pureneemo, Kagura.

tree 17
Decorating the Christmas tree.

bundled up
Bundled up in winter.

sledding together

red tama 8_edited-1 copy
Wearing a new outfit in spring again.

self maintenance_edited-1
And doing some important self maintenance.

Final Thoughts
Caster is a cutie pie, but gosh is she hard to pose! Learning to pose her will be an intersting experience! Since she was a exclusive release, Caster’s aftermarket prices are sure to be high, so I’d recommend her to fans who have the cash and want something cute. Owning a doll is rather strange for me, but I’ll get used to it eventually ^^’

By the way, this review paves the way for a new category in the photos section! Click on the “Pureneemo” page under “Photos” to see Pureneemo pictures!


4 thoughts on “Review: Pureneemo Caster

  1. The blue shimapan is apparently part of her character design, since her scale figure (the one you also have) is also wearing it, I saw it on my sister’s scale yesterday and remembered this review, so I thought I’d tell you.


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