Review: Figma Madoka Kaname Uniform Version

I’m coming closer to catching up on all of those reviews I’m behind on! Today’s review is on figma Madoka Kaname Uniform version by Max Factory.

Madoka Kaname is the main character of the genre-redefining magical girl anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Previously, a figma of Madoka in her magical girl constume was released as a standard run, but this version depicts her in her school uniform(which is actually what Madoka wears for most of the show), and was bundled with the Madoka Magica PSP game.

I enjoyed Madoka Magica quite a bit, so getting the figmas was a no-brainer. Sadly the high price of the exclusive bundle forced me to postpone getting her right away. This turned out to not be such a bad thing as her price went down quite a bit, and I was able to pick up one secondhand for only 2500 yen(without the game, of course)!

Madoka box
Since she’s part of a bundle, Madoka comes in an abnormally large box. The part of the box that is dedicated to her has a pink and white colorscheme with an ominous Kyubey background.

And here’s Madoka!
Madoka front
Her uniform has been faithfully sculpted to resemble the anime as closely as possible.

Madoka side

Madoka back

floppy pigtails
Madoka’s pink pigatils are both equipped with joints allowing them to be posed. They’re much more flexile than on the magical girl version.

Madoka bows
I’m not huge fan of the coloring on her hair. Seems like it could use some gradient. Her red bows are a little rough as well.

Madoka torso

Madoka torso back
The red strips are obviously hand painted, as deviations from the lines and places where the paintrush was dipped can be spotted.

neck hole
Small details like the hole at the base of the neck are retained. And I’ve always liked that little waist bow.

Madoka sleeve
Looks like the white paint puddled a bit on her sleeve.

Madoka legs
Madoka’s socks are white thigh highs for that zettai ryouiki appeal.

Like all figmas, Madoka comes with several interchangeable parts to enhance her playability.
First is her three faces.
m faces
Included are: Happy, upset, and crying.
Although grim, the faces are perfect for her character since Madoka Magica isn’t exactly a happy show.

She also has five pairs of exchangeable hands.
m hands
Top row: spread out, open, and fists
Bottom Row: Special hands, and gripping hands for holding whatever you can think of!

She has a few character specific accessories as well.

madoka and bag
First is her school bag.

bag side
The bag is your standard blue duffle. There isn’t much to say about it.

bag 3/4
It is well-sculpted and painted though. The silver accents are always nice.

Also included is Kyubey!
kyubey 1
Kyubey looks quite nice for his size.

kyubey back
His tail even has a little joint. This is an improvement over the Kyubey that came with the magical girl version which had no tail joint and was very fragile as a result.

Madoka holding kyubey
Kyubey can be held by Madoka with the help of her special hands.

kyubey on my shoulder
Or he can ride on her shoulder!

In order for Kyubey to ride on Madoka’s shoulder, her sleeve must be replaced with this pegged one
pegged sleeve
The sleeve is replaced my removing her arm and sliding off her old shoulder piece for the new one. The peg then plugs into a hole in Kyuey’s stomach.

Now that we’ve seen everything that Madoka comes with, let’s take her outside for a little photoshoot!

grass madokas
Double Madoka!

Glowing Pink
Sad Madoka is sad.

a witch is near
A witch is near!

sad movie
Sad movie

don't be greedy
Don’t be greedy, Sayaka! Those sweets are for everyone!

flower pals
Flower pals.

stages of madoka
Stages of Madoka

witch hunting wee
Witch Hunting


sugary pink

Final Thoughts
This Madoka is a great expansion to the magical girl version and a necessary companion fo Homura. And with uniform versions of Sayaka and ami already up for preorder, she’s a great addition to any Madoka figma collection! Get her for a low price if you can though, as I don’t think she’s as worth it if you pay alot.


8 thoughts on “Review: Figma Madoka Kaname Uniform Version

    • One option is to just keep watching Mandarake. They add new stuff every day, and you never know when they’ll get another. Jungle and Rakuten are similar stores. I’ve never used them, but know that a lot of other people do. You can also see if anyone on MFC is selling her ^^
      There’s always a way! >:D


      • Still no luck with Mandarake but I will keep checking! Checked the other sites too couldn’t find any on rakuten but I checked in jungle found one, closed the browser, went back in and searched for it again and it’s gone :/ so I was wondering what’s MFC? ( I know it’s a stupid question but I really don’t know is it a blog or website?)
        – thanks 😀


        • Well, don’t give up! It’ll just be that much sweeter when you do get her 🙂
          MFC(myfigurecollection,net) is a database for Japanese figures. You can track your collection, post photos, and interact with the community. I wouldn’t have known about half my figures without it XD Here’s a link and this blog’s About page has a link to my profile ^^


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