Figma News Fridays 12/14/12

Hello, and welcome to the first Figma News Fridays of December! You might have noticed that there was no FNF last Friday, and that’s because there wasn’t any figma news at all! But it seems Max Factory is making up for that week of silence with one release, two preorders, and an announcement for an upcoming preorder! But is this fast figma production a welcome sight, or is it the beginning of a new disturbing trend? Let’s get started and find out!


Deadmaster Animation Version Preorders Begin

Deadmaster preivew page
Following Black Rock Shooter, and Black Gold Saw, it’s time for Deadmaster’s anime design to make it’s full figma debut. This design incorporates a multitude of gothic lolita inspired frills and details, and retails for 3619 yen. She’ll be out in March.

As with Black Gold Saw’s anime re-design, I initially intended to get this one, but have decided against it. I’m not sure if it’s my disdain for Deadmaster’s new granny clown look(I prefer the sleek black of the OVA version), or my newfound desire to streamline my collection and save money, but this Deadmaster is just not doing it for me. In the past, she would’ve been an instant get, but when I compare my enthusiasm towards this figure to that of the nendoroid I excitedly preordered the same day, I think I’m safe skipping.


Yuno Preorders Begin

Yuno preview page
As requested by fans, Yuno is finally making her way into the figma world! Sporting her cute red uniform, Yuno, along with Ume-Sensei, is ready to leap out of the world of Hidamari Sketch, and into your collection. She retails for 3048 yen, and is also scheduled for March.

Is it me, or is Yuno a tad pricey? She comes with the basic three faces, and a set of hands, and a fairly simple outfit, with the only true accessory being Ume Sensei(who reminds me of a Metapod XD). I’d expect her to be well below the 3000 yen mark, not above it. It also appears that Max Factory really skimped on the accessories. I’m admittedly not familiar with Hidamari Sketch(watched one episode because it was free on U Verse), but when you compare her to the nendoroid, she really is lacking. How hard is it to include a piece of bread or a sketchbook? At least she’s cute!

Tsukihi Araragi Released
Tsukihi Preview page
With Tsukihi released, the Araragi family is finally complete! My Karen is still in the mail, and Tsukihi is waiting for Kuroyukihime, so I’ll have to wait a little longer for that reunion.


Kirito Fully Previewed
Kirito lone pic
Lot long after nendoroid Kirito went up for preorder, figma Kirito is ready as well. He was previewed in full Friday, but eager fans will have to wait until Monday to secure a preorder. Since he isn’t officially for preorder yet, I’ll wait until next week to put up all of th info on him. In the mean time ,let’s just say he’s an instant get for me(*cough* I’m biased *cough*) in spite of some weird pricing and small sculpting issues.

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll see you next week!


2 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 12/14/12

  1. I don’t think figma Yuno even come with 3 faces. The promotional picture seems to only suggest 2. If that is true, then it is even ridiculous. I was thinking she would make a nice addition to my school collection of figma, but with that price and amount of accessories… nope, I will just pass.
    Then again, 3048 yen is kind of like the new “minimum” price for figma. So you could say she is already priced low, as compared to other new releases such as Deadmaster.

    And yay Tsukihi! I got her preordered, so my grounds are covered (no worry). But I still haven’t gotten her brother yet! Booo

    Kirito… something about his hair is a little off. Maybe a little more wave or spike would be better? Nah, I probably mixed the SAO version of him up after watching too much of him recently in ALO. =P


    • Oh my gosh, you’re right. Only two faces makes it even worse >=(.
      True. I remember when figmas were 2000 something yen. This is getting crazy. I wish they were more adventurous with figmas. Nendos get alot of unique accessories, but some figmas are painfully standardized =/
      I can’t wait to photograph Tsukihi in the spring. She’ll look so lovely with the blossoms!
      I think it’s his side hair. It pokes out too much. It’s a minor issue though, so I’m gonna get the figma and nendo. My Kirito shrine needs to be fed *_*


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