Hachikuji in the Rain

Two weeks ago, when I came home from school, it was raining. The grey sky contrasted beatuifully with the red leaves of the Japanese maple in my yard, and the light was soft and clear. Since the weather is changing, the drive way was sprinkled with red maple leaves that had yet to lose their brilliant color. I decided this was a perect opportunity for some figure photography, and ventured inside the house to find a figure fitting for this scene.

The figure I chose was Mayoi Hachikuji. There are some figures that you just have fun playing with, and Hachikuji has proven to be one of those for me. Whether it be due to her petite build, charming design, or adorable sideways glance, I’ve always found Hachikuji to be an optimal suject for photography.

Here are the pictures from my short shoot with Hachikuji in the rain. The light was awesome, but it only lasted for a while, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures. Either way, I’m quite happy with the few shots I managed to get.

This is definitely my favorite shot!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot! Winter means shorter days, so I haven’t had as much time for photoshoots lately, but hopefully we’ll get some snow, and I can get time off school to take more pictures…


4 thoughts on “Hachikuji in the Rain

  1. Well, if your place do happen to see some snow this year, then you could do some outdoor photoshoot with your figma… in the snow, of course! XD I won’t have the chance to do that, unless I try artificially creating snow – Put my figma in the freezer haha.

    I still need to prepare quite a few components before I can launch my figma comic series on my blog, so I won’t say what is it about just yet (da suspense!). But probably a teaser can be expected sometime in the next couple of days. So do check my blog (link in my username) from time to time!


    • We got alot two years back, so I have a few nendoroid snow photos in my gallery! I’d love to have the opportunity again though–especially since outdoor photos are almost impossible when everything is dead and brown.
      I’ve seen photographers use powder to create fake snow. It makes for a much more controlled enviornment than real snow.
      Ohoho I’ll be checking! I’m really curious =)


  2. Being here in Singapore where it is very near the equator, there is no winter in the tropical area where I live. Or any of the 4 seasons for that matter… unless you count every day sunny as Summer. XP But we get a lot of rainfall during this time of the year too, just never cold enough for it to snow.
    Lovely Mayoi photos in any case~ Will be thinking of including her as a character in my upcoming figma comic series (motivated by your Pokemon adventure series to do a comic of my own). ^_^


    • I’m in the southern United States, so we do get all four seasons, but the colder seasons like winter are rather mild compared to what they get in the north. If we do get snow(none last year =_=), it’s in the coldest part of winter, and it’s not much. The good thing is that since people around here aren’t used to alot of snow, just a little bit is enough to close school XD. Summer is super humid though…

      Ooh! Ooh! What will your comic series be about?


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