Review: Figma Reimu Hakurei

Moving along with my review backlog! I’m on Thanksgiving break right now, so I have alot more time to write these! Next in line is figma Reimu Hakurei by Max Factory.

Reimu is a shrine maiden from the game Touhou Project. I am not very familiar with Touhou, but it has a notable presence in the figure world, and I find some of the character designs charming. A few months ago as a result of Goodsmile Company’s re-release poll, Reimu was chosen to be re-released. Since I already had Aya Shameimaru, I figured it would be a good idea to get Reimu as well. It should also be noted that, like almost everything Touhou, Reimu is an exclusive release. But thanks to GSC’s international online shop, that status carries less weight, and she wasn’t too hard to get.
Unlike most of the figures in my collection, I purchased Reimu purely for her design, and have no attatchment to her character. Let’s see how she contends!

Reimu’s box is red and features images of a classic Japanese shrine. The box fits her quite nicely, and is larger than the average figma box to accommodate more accessories.

Reimu herself is dressed in a right red shrine maiden dress with a big red bow and billowing sleeves.

Despite her red and white color scheme, she manages to not look like Santa Claus. Yay!

Turning her around reveals more of her dark brown hair. Since Touhou consists of mostly an generated content, designs for the characters often vary. Because of this, some figures(like the nendoroid) depict Reimu with black hair instead. I find the brown hair to be a better compliment to her red dress, so I’m happy with this choice.

A closeup provides a better look at the zig zag pattern on her bow. Since the zig zags are applied with decals(as opposed to being hand painted), they’re perfect!

The paint on her hair adornments in not so perfect.

Her “ponytail” is on a balljoint and can be moved.

Notice how precisely everything is painted!

The red ribons on her sleeves look quite nice.

The exposed midriff is a nice touch. It exposes some skin, but isn’t overdone.

The sculpting in her skirt creates a brilliant sense of movement.

There’s even a second ruffly layer!

A peek under her skirt reveals white bloomers!

Her shoes are simple and brown.

Now lets look at her accessories.

Reimu comes with three faces.

Standard, annoyed, and drunk.

Of the three, the annoyed face is my favorite. It gives Reimu alot of attitude, and I’ve always had a thing or sideways glances. The drunk face is also awesome, but I can’t say the same for her standard face. Compared to the other two, it seems lifeless and almost creepy.

She also has a great selection of interchangeable hands!

Top row: Open, fists, and gripping
Bottom row: Hands holding ofuda, hands for her tea, and a hand for her gohei.

Now her her character specific acessories.

First is her gohei

I had no idea what these were called prior to writing this review.

Next is a cup of green tea.

The cup looks quite nice up close

Green transparent plastic was used for the tea. Mine even has a bubble in it!

There’s also a broom

Apparently sweeping is an important part of being a shrine maiden…

Her last accessory is a bottle of sake and a…bowl.

The bowl is attatched to her hand, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

The sake label is actually a sticker that you have to attatch yourself(two are included in case you mess up). I almost put it on upside down…
The label sticker looks good, but the adhesive isn’t very strong. I’ve noticed the edges peeling on mine.

Now that we’ve seen Reimu, let’s take her out for a fall photoshoot!

R 1
The colors this time of year are perfect for Reimu!

R 5

R 7
Enjoying a cup of tea.

R 10
Good times in high places.


A year later, Reimu came with me on a camping trip. Luckily, it was also in Autumn which made her a great subject.

autumn day

autumn reimu 3
I still love that face.

autumn reimu 5
I adore morning light. Too bad I love staying up late as well…

autumn reimu 6

autumn reimu


Final Thoughts
Reimu is a great figma! I bought her knowing very little about the character, but have still managed to enjoy her. The wacky faces make her fun to play with, and her clothes are so nicely sculpted and painted that I know she’s a figure I’ll reach for whenever I want to photograph something pretty.

5 thoughts on “Review: Figma Reimu Hakurei

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  2. A great drinking partner for Ibuki Suika! Both of them come with that same drinking bowl! I only have Suika though, so mine will have to drink alone. >_<;


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