October 2012 Loot

October loot is finally here!
These loot posts have been making me feel like such a liar. Every month, I apologize for the small loot and say next month’s will be much better. Last month, I even said to look forward to October because it would have a very special item in it(*ahem* the answer to why I bought the last item in September’s loot…), but it appears I can’t include that item in my post. Why not? Because it was delayed. The delays really have been crazy lately. First, my huge order month was August, then September, then October(this is mostly due to my special item being delayed so many times). I was worried about November becoming huge, but thankfully some figures were delayed into December which was previously empty, and now I shouldn’t have to worry about any more monster orders. Well, enough rambling, let’s check out this month’s loot!

I had two separate shipments this time.

First to arrive was figma Reimu Hakurei. She came a few weeks before the others, so I almost forgot to include her in this post(and totally forgot to put her in the group picture)! This picture is from her review which I’m currently working on.

The second shipment ended up not coming until the later part of November!

Here is Inori Yuzuriha by Goodsmile Company and a Kirito strap by Cospa.

Inori has been rather poorly received by the figure community. I plan to take a more detailed look at her later, but for now, I’ll say that it took me a little while to warm up to her. Lighting and angle make a huge impact on how she appears, so casual pictures(like this one) don’t do her much justice. And her skintone really could use some more pink.

Thankfully the other part of my loot was everything I expected.

Kirito! Muahaha the next part of my fangirl shrine innocent collection has arrived! I plan to hang this on my purse…as soon as figures stop taking my money and I can get a nice one.

The other side has Kirito’s beautiful smile a different picture of him.

Well that’s everything for October! It was a lighter month, but I’m not too upset about that.
November will be much more interesting(I’m serious this time) since I’ve ordered some useless merchandise, a few figures, and of course my special item.


Nice necklace you have there, Inori.

See you next time!


2 thoughts on “October 2012 Loot

  1. *gasp* I didn’t know Inori is a closet-fan of Kirito!?
    Randomly, this pairing reminds me of the currently-running anime “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”; in which both their voice actors are playing the lead roles. XD


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