Figure Comic: Pet

I feel bad for Araragi, he has to live in that ugly house…

I made this comic over a year ago. Looking back, the dialogue is kinda choppy…>_>


5 thoughts on “Figure Comic: Pet

  1. Yep! Can’t wait to use him as my figma for abuse too! The date for his re-release is stated as Nov in MFC, but no exact date still? Sounds like a delay to me.

    Ah for older figma, I still want one Misaka sister. Just one will do… but even an used one in Mandarake cost so much T_T.


    • Haha those faces make him perfect for abuse!
      Yeah, sounds fishy. Tsukihi was already delayed =/
      orz it stinks when even the used figmas are expensive. I still haven’t gotten Saber Extra, and she’s crazy expensive. Because of that, I made sure to preorder Saber Bride as a precaution ^^’


  2. A Stapler-Bunny?!
    I so pity Koyomi in this comic.

    Speaking of him, I am still waiting to get a hold of his figma in the re-release batch. Didn’t get the chance when he was first released since I only entered the figma scene not long ago.


    • The greatest kind of bunny!

      Ooh! I’m sure you’ll love him! Ararararagi is one of my favorite figmas.
      Catching up with old figures you missed can be a pain, there are still about thirty figmas I’ve yet to get a hold of.


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