Figma News Fridays 11/9/12

Hello, and welcome to Figma News Fridays! This week was another slow one– in fact almost everything is from Tuesday. There were no new figmas, but we did get information on figmas that had been revealed previously, so let’s get started!


Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen’s Release Date Announced

The fourth Strike Witches figma~ She’s scheduled to be released on November 22.

Link’s Release Date Announced

Link is also set to be released on November 22.

Black Lotus’s Release Date Announced

Also November 22. It will be a sad day for the wallets of figma lovers .

Sayaka Miki Comes with a Baseball Bat

Sayaka appeared a mere two weeks ago, and we’re already seeing her first accessory! The bat is from episode two, but unfortunately it’s not the magic one Mami made. Hopefully it wil be updated for her release.

Egashira 2:50 is Painted

I initially thought this was one of those “We made it because we could” figures, but it seems this one will actually be intended for sale. With him and the Mikudaiyo nendoroid, there sure are some strange(yet awesome) figures coming out right now.


Karen Araragi is Released

Finally! The early release is lost on me though since I have to wait for the rest of my stuff to be in stock before I can get her…

Well, that’s all for now! Hopefully we’ll see some preorders next week!


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