Review: Figma Tsubasa Hanekawa

Time for yet another review! Today we’ll be looking at figma Tsubasa Hanekawa by Max Factory.

Tsubasa Hanekawa is an old friend of the protagonist of the “Monogatari” series of animes and light novels, Koyomi Araragi. She is known for her intelligence and noticeably large chest. Although Tsubasa appeared in the Bakemonogatari anime, her figma incarnation was not released until the airing Nisemonogatari.

Hanekawa was one of those figmas I got just because. I’m mostly indifferent to her character, but since she compliments Araragi(who is one of my favorite figmas), I decided to go ahead and get her. That being said, my expectations of her weren’t particularly high, which means I’ll be difficult to dissapoint!

So let’s start with the box!

The box’s design incorporates geometric shapes into a city scene, replicating the wacky atmosphere which is indicative of the monogatari series.

Now for a look at Tsubasa in all of her class president glory!

I’ll be honest and say that I find the Bakemono/Nisemono school uniforms to be extremely unnattractive. Although the uniforms do match the surreal atmosphere of the shows perfectly, I can’t help but cringe whenever I see that Pepto Bismol pink. Of course this is an issue of personal opinion and character design, and has no reflection on the quality of the figure.

Yet despite the questionable uniform, Hanekawa manages to still be cute!

Taking a closer look, we can see all the tiny details that make Hanekawa unique!

Character specific details are important–especially when a character is wearing a school uniform.

The metallic silver clips look quite nice

The paint on her ribons is a it sloppy, but the articulated pigtails is a nice touch, and I do love seeing braids on figures.

Moving on to her torso, her breasts are sculpted quite realistically. The way the cloth wrinkles around her body makes it almost look like real clothing.
Too bad there’s a paint error on the red trim.

Those puffy sleeves remind me of marshmallows!

Knee length skirts are quite uncommon on high school characters!

So far, Tsubasa looks great! Despite her simplicity, she still proves to be quite charming.
Now let’s see what she comes with!

First are her three optional faces

They are: standard, winking, and angry.

I’m quite pleased with her faces as they reflect a wide range of emotion, and exemplify the depth of Tsubasa’s character. Her eyes are a lovely color too.

Next, she has five pairs of interchangeble hands.

Fists, open, pointing, pegged hands for one of her accessories, and gripping hands to hold whatever you can think of!

Now for her character specific accessories!

First is a book.

The book makes use of her pegged hands.

Although it may not be the most exciting accessory, it looks good. I also appreciate that the book has a detailed cover instead of being one solid color.

Next is a front hair piece with cat ears.

Her ears are from the Bakeneko arc or Bakemonogatari.

Next is an extra head with braided hair.

For whatever reason, almost every character gets a new hairstyle for each anime season. Clearly the character designers hate figure collectors. XD

The paintjob on mine is a little sloppy. I also would’ve liked the braid sculpt to be more defined.

And if that isn’t enough hair for you, Tsubasa also comes with a head with short hair.

Cute, but not as memorable as her other hairstyles.

The final thing I’ll address is her glasses.
Unlike most bespectacled figmas, Tsubasa has metal glasses. They come in a sheet of four, and are made of a very bendable metal. They slip on just like real glasses!

What makes these fun is that you can put the glasses on other figmas. The bad thing is that since the glasses are merely held in place by friction, they are very easy to lose. Regardless, I had fun giving my figmas the Harry Potter treatment.

Now that we’ve seen Tsubasa, let’s take her outside for a photo shoot!

With Sunny

Nozomi the wise!

Say hello to Professor Len!

I don’t even know what’s happening here…

Can’t a man drink in peace?!

Tiny real life flower =Giant figma flower!

Final Thoughts
Although not my favorite, Tsubasa is a worthwhile purchase. I’d reccomend her to new figma collectors were it not for the glasses, and although I am satisifed, I wouldn’t have minded waiting for her to go on sale. Tsubasa fans should go ahead and get her, but I don’t see her becoming too hard to find on the aftermarket if you’d like to wait.


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