Figma News Fridays 10/26/12

Another week, more exciting figma news! Welcome to Figma News Fridays number two! This week had an unexpected preorder, awesome scans, and some unfortunate delays, so let’s get started!


T Elos Released

Max Factory sure loves transparent hair, don’t they?

Karen Araragi Delayed

Awww darn, she was my only figma this month =(

Silver Crow Delayed

Wow delayed again? I’m pretty sure he was originally scheduled for September!

Black Lotus Delayed

Well, at least Silver Crow won’t be lonely now.

Link Delayed

Not even Link can escape the mighty delays!


Yukiko Amagi Released!

Still lovin’ those glasses.

Black Gold Saw Previewed

Ahhh~ Preview scans are what I look forward to near the end of every month. Aside from the altered design, this BGS isn’t much different from the OVA version–even her faces are painfully similar. I’ll most likely get her anyway though XD

Labrys Previewed

That axe throwing pose is so cool! O_O

Yui Takamura Previewed

Hmm only two faces? I hope that’s not all she comes with.


Mami Tomoe Uniform Version Preorders

Mami! We saw her colored prototype last week, but I wasn’t expecting preorders to open so soon! Accesories mostly include things that should have been included with the magical girl version. I love the new faces though!

Ex:Ride Motored Cuirassier Released

Behold! The thing that’s sure to make your Saber ten times more awesome! I’d have gotten this if it weren’t for the 4000+ yen price tag…

Well that’s all for this week! There sure have been alot of delays lately, my November is going to be killer T-T.
Anyway, stay tuned for next week’s figma news!


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