Review:Figma Princess of the Crystal

Hello everybody! It’s finally review time! I’ve been super busy because of school, so the figures are piling up. I have five waiting for reviews, and one in the mail. Everything is crazy, but at least I have something to do in my free time ^^’ Anyway, let’s tackle the pile with this first review: Figma Princess of the Crystal by Max Factory!

Princess of the Crystal hails from the complex anime Mawaru Penguindrum. She is the mysterious character who tasks the Takakura brothers with finding the Penguindrum, and only appears when their sister Himari is wearing her penguin hat(see what I mean by complex?). Max Factory’s announcement of a Princess of the Crystal figma was rather unexpected. The Princess’s eye-popping design garners her alot of attention from figure makers, but the decision to convert such an extravagant character into an action figure was an odd one. She surely caught my attention, so Princess of the Crystal was an instant preorder for me. But was Max Factory able to pull off such a challenging design? Let’s find out!

As usual we’ll start with a shot of the box.

I don’t usually say anything more about the box, but I couldn’t help but notice the unusual thickness of the Princess’s box.

Compared here with a standard large figma box. A bigger box means more accessories. Which means more fun, right? We’ll see about that…

Princess of the Crystal is quite well known for her flashy transformation scene in which she dramatically reduces her fancy gown to a mere leotard. Max Factory has graciously included accessories for all stages of the transformation scene. The good news is that we now have lots of display options for the Princess. The bad news is that some pesky changing of parts is needed to get the Princess looking the way you want her. This is difficult to explain with words, so I’ll use photos.

Here is how she looks straight out of the box.

I love how the pink in her scarf and hat compliment her eyes.

From the side.

And from the back.

They did the glossy black really well too.

Now let’s have a more detailed look at her.

The hat doesn’t look bad. There are flaws, but they’re excusable on a 1/12 scale action figure.

It even has joints on the sides!

Don’t lose that hat, or bad things will happen…

The pearls on the hat have a nice shiny finish.

Moving on from the hat, her hair is jointed. Very helpful when plugging the stand into her back. I should also mention that I love her hair color. It’s not quite orange, but not brown either–a nice place in the middle!

The corset looks good, but the lines at the top of mine are a bit sloppy. Regardless, the yellow contrasts with the black nicely.

I love how her lower back area looks. Very realistic.

Triple lace!
You have to admire the sculpted lace. Those underwear look super uncomfortable though. XD

Those shoes! *_*

She’s very poseable in this form, but it’s not quite as extravagant as she could be. If you’d like to display the Princess in her full garb, you’ll need to make use of her accessories for some part swapping.
Here we have a skirt, alternate puffy sleeves, and another front hair piece.

In order to attatch the skirt, you need to remove the bottom portion of her leotard. Be careful though. While trying to figure out how to attatch the skirt, I accidentally pulled her in half…

Next, the skirt is plugged into where the leotard portion was removed.

To attatch the puffy sleeves, you simply need to switch out her upper arms.

Now we have the Princess of the Crystal in all her royal glory!

The good thing about the skirt is that it provides enough support that she does not need a stand. The bad news about the skirt? It’s much too heavy. The weight of the skirt puts alot of stress on the waist joint, which makes her flimsy and rather difficult to pose–especially since the waist joint on mine insists on popping out regularly.

Despite her being a pain to pose, I can’t help but be impressed by how awesome she looks.

Her costume is so unique! *_* A figma like this almost makes up for all of those school girl figmas!

Such an elegant view from behind! It looks like she’s wearing a full ballgown.

But the Princess’s royal costume doesn’t just looks good from far away, it has some lovely details too!

The puffy sleeves restrict arm movement a bit, but at least they look nice!

The red lining contrasts dramatically with her black skirt.

The bows on her back remind me of meringue! The ends are even articulated! Unfortunately some paint from her hair rubbed off on the top though. =/

In addition to the various accessories to enhance the Princess’s costume, there is also an optional front hairpiece so than she can remove the penguin hat since the normal hairpiece has a peg to hold the hat in place.

She also has three optional faces.

Standard, sassy, and “Survival Strategy!”

And five pairs of interchangeable hands.

spread out , pointing, fists, open, and gripping hands to hold whatever you can think of.

Since Mawaru Penguindrum would be nothing without penguins, three penguins are included! Each penguin is painted a briliant blue and has articulated flippers.

The penguins represent the Takakura siblings: Kanba, Shoma, and Himari. It’s great that these three came with the princess, but that most likely means that we won’t be getting any more figmas from the series, which is a shame because I’d have at least liked to have Himari.

They’re even numbered on the back!

And since each penguin represents a different person, each one is different!
Penguin number one has a rough look to him.

His defining features are a bandage and angry eyes.

He even comes with a mirror!

The mirror is slightly reflective and fits via peg into a hole in his hand.

Penguin number two has a more standard appearance.

He comes with a can of bug spray

Despite it’s small size, the can is well detailed

Penguin three looks most feminine.

She’s defined by her eyelashes and bright pink bow.

Unlike the other two, penguin three comes with no accessories. Although a wig or some yarn could have been included, I’m not too upset since it’s uncommon for accessories to have accessories in the first place.

Upon closer inspection, each penguin has a dent in it’s head.

This is to recreate magnificent penguin head standing action!

Now that we’ve seen the Princess and all of her accessories, let’s take her out for a photo shoot and have some fun!

Good Brothers
Good Brothers.

Final Thoughts
Although pretty, Princess of the Crystal is rather bothersome to pose. If you collect figmas regularly and want something pretty or unique, I’d reccomend her, but she is not suited to those looking for a first figma or something to play with. If you’re looking for a figure of Princess of the Crystal and don’t care about posing, I’d say you go for Goodsmile Company or Alter’s scaled version.

Well, that’s all for now! Up next will be figma Tsubasa Hanekawa!


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