August 2012 Loot!

Finally, what I’ve been waiting for! August loot! Glorious glorious figures!
I realize that the end of September is a little late to be doing an August loot post, but most of this stuff didn’t get to me until Wednesday. When I first started collecting, I had everything shipped by EMS. It was great because I received my figures a few days after release, but not so great for my wallet($20+ to ship one figma? why?!), so I switched to Registered SAL(using regular SAL without insurance is too risky for me). So far, Registered SAL has saved me alot, but sometimes I wish my switch to a slower shipping method hadn’t coincided with my starting this blog since it pushes back my reviews farther than I’d like. But since you can’t have everything, I’ll just be happy my figures get to me at all. And the good news is that my September figures have already been shipped, so I’ll be able to review them closer to release.

Anyway, let’s get on to the loot! This month was unusual for me in that I recieved lots of trinkets. Usually I try to buy only figmas, but I kept seeing awesome things which weakened my resolve considerably. That isn’t so bad though, because now I have some fun little things to show you guys!

Here’s everything:

Just look at all that junk! XD

First let’s look closer at the figmas:

From left to right are: Tsubasa Hanekawa, Princess of the Crystal, and Black Rock Shooter TV anime version.
With these three, my figma collection reaches 67. I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed…
Princess of the Crystal is first to be reviewed, but I’m not satisfied with my pictures of her yet, so I’ll be working on it some more before posting.

Since the figmas will be receiving formal reviews, I’ll move ahead to the trinkets~

From the top we have: Crossing Field Limited Pressing edition, Nyanko earphone jack, Pocket Monsters shiny pencil pouch, Accel World Haruyuki strap, Donyatsu strap, and a Madoka petite which I forgot to include in this picture ^^’.

These two came earlier in the month. Crossing Field was a random splurge, and Madoka came from a trade with another MFC member. I did more in depth posts on these two if you’d like to know more.
Crossing Field:

This pouch was yet another random splurge. XD
I bought it from J list for about $20 with shipping. I bought it for school, and it’s really cute actually. The pouch was bigger than expected, but that’s not realy a bad thing since I can fit my calculator, agenda, and all of my pencils in it easily. I’ll probably use it as a makeup bag or something like that when I’m finished with school.

Next is the Nyanko earphone jack.

I’m not quite sure where the earphone jack charms orginated, but I’ve noticed them becoming more popular lately. Of course none of the charms I’ve seen in America have been as cute as these little Japanese kitties! I originally wanted the sitting yellow cat, but he was sold out on Amiami, so I went ahead and got the beckoning calico. Since I have an Android, he doesn’t fit in the jack entirely, but that doesn’t make him any less adorable!

The Haruyuki strap was yet another random accessory.

I got it because I like subtle merchandise. Nothing makes me feel sillier than a T shirt with ACCEL WORLD HARUYUKI!!! in giant letters, so I opted for something less garish and got this instead. Besides, who could a resist such a cute little piggy?

Last, but not least is the Donyatsu strap!

These cat donuts straps are weird, dessert themed, adorable, and only 600 yen. How could I not get one?! There are actually larger figures of the cats with interchangeable icings, but I resisted and went with just the plain strap. The quality is great for such an inexpensive item, and I wouldn’t mind getting more, but since these were very popular, they’re on backorder in alot of places. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a release to look forward to!

Well, that’s the end of my August loot! Unfortunately some of my most anticpated items for September were delayed, so my next loot won’t be as large. Regardless, we still have some fun reviews to look forward too, so I’ll see you soon, and we’ll take a look of the lovely Princess of the Crystal figma!


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