CD:Crossing Field by LiSA

Hey there!
In my last post I mentioned that it had been a while since I’d gotten anything new(which explains the lack of posts lately). I’ve yet to receive my Amiami package full of lovely figures, but I did get something quite different from the usual. I you read the title of this post, you should already know what it is: a CD! I know CDs aren’t exactly cutting edge(my dad laughed at me for buying one), but this is actually the first one I’ve gotten for myself ever.

This particular CD is LiSA’s new single, Crossing Field, which currently being used as the first opening for the anime Sword Art Online. I purchased it from CD Japan for 1600 yen + shipping. Being the geek I am, I bypassed the less expensive regular editions, and went straight for the limited pressing version, which is decked out in a SAO theme. I’ll be honest, I like LiSA, but it was the SAO goodies that made me buy this. Most notably Kirito, I think he’s adorable.

Considering my Kirito craze, you can imagine how excited I was when I opened the box, and saw this:

But enough about Kirito(there will be more about Kirito), let’s check out this CD and everything it comes with!

The front has a picture of Asuna. The blue compliments her hair so nicely!

And you-know-who is on the back.

Once you unwrap the plastic, the cover can be slid off to reveal the CD case itself.

Inside the case is: the cover(which I’ll come back to later), an ad for something involving LiSA, and a special code for a quest on the SAO website. I tried using the code, but it appears you have to log in to something, so I couldn’t go any farther since everything is in Japanese.

The cover unfolds to reveal a track list and song lyrics. These aren’t particularly useul to me now, but I hope to be able to read them someday.
But my favorite part comes when you flip the sheet over…

Tada! It’s a SAO poster! I love posters(especially when they have Kirito on them), so this is a great bonus for me. The poster is on the small side though, it measures fourteen by nine and one half inches. I guess that should be expected since it’s only a bonus item.

Packaging isn’t everything though. We still have the disks to look at. Since this is the special anime edition, we get a CD and a DVD!
The DVD contains the crditless opening to the anime,

but since it’s region coded, I can’t watch it. Too bad.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that with the CD.

The songs included are: Crossing Field, Itsuka no Tegami, Kawaranai Ao, and the TV cut of Crossing Field.
Of the three songs, Kwaranai Ao stands out to me for it’s catchy melody. It and Crossing Field are more pop-ish, whereas Itsuka no Tegami is a ballad. If you’d like to decide for yourself, you can listen to the audio samples on CDJapan .

Overall, I’m happy I bought this CD, but I’d only recommend this edition if you’re a SAO fan. The songs can easily be purchased for much less on itunes, and the non-limited version is less expensive as well. Don’t wait too long to get it though, the limited pressing edition is only available until October!

See you next time! My box of figures should be here soon XD


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