Madoka Kaname Uniform Petite

Due to some delays, July was an underwhelming month for me in terms of figures(all I got was a figma desk which wasn’t even worth doing a post on). Luckily I was able to trade with another collector and finaly get something new: a nendoroid petite of Madoka Kaname in her school uniform!

I actually had a large nendoroid petite collection a while back, but ended up selling most of them since I didn’t photograph them much, and they were becoming nothing more than fancy paperweights. Nonetheless petites are cute, and Madoka is one I don’t mind having.

Since the weather this weekend was the coolest it’s been in a while, I took Madoka out to see if I could get some nice pictures of her.

Let’s get the obligatory Sunny picture out of the way XD

Kyubey brigade!

Omake! Took alot to set up such a simple picture =_=’

Well, that’s all for now. Like I said earlier, I’m still not the best with petites(figmas have me spoiled haha), but I’m happy with what I’ve got. And the good news is that three new figmas and some cool goodies are on their way to me right now! My September is jam packed as well, so I’ll be able to blog alot more and make up for this dead month. This isn’t the last you’ve heard from me! >=)


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