Random Pictures 4!

The random pictures keep coming!
Just another update on the leftover figure pictures that aren’t relevant to anything, but I feel like sharing.

My followers(all four of them!) might notice that I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m sorry about that. I’ve been feeling kinda bleh on photography this last week. I guess it’s a combination of the crazy high humidity, the knowledge that my beautiful summer vacation is ending, and the fact that I’m hooked on Fate/Extra again >_>. Staying in the same place alot gets boring too–especially if you’re trying to keep pictures fresh.
I DO have plans for this blog though. Plans to make it more interesting, helpful, and fun to read. Just need to execute those plans!

Anyway~ Picture time!
One of my favorite things about my yard is the diverse tiny landscapes it contains. Most of it is grass, but I also have a tiny pile of gravel, sidewalks, trees, plains, and even a mini desert! I’d really like a forest too. A beach would be awesome as well, but you can’t have it all XD

First are some pictures from the tiny swamp that appears whenever it rains!

Poor Ika just wanted to take a stroll through the swamp, and now this?! That’ll ruin your day.

I’ve been wanting to photograph Index holding up her skirt like this.

I’m actually quite pleased with this one. I stuck a piece of paper underneath Hachikuji to use as a reflector, and it’s not bad! I should use relectors more often ^^’

Next are some photos from the tiny desert portion of my yard!

Strength is perect for these rocky landscape shots. And that lovely red clay of ours makes an awesome contrast!

Pile of rocks!

St-strength! D-did I make you angry?

There’s that pile of rocks again!

Linoone just had to join in on the fun!

And we’ll end with Shiro fishing for Mikus.

Someone has to keep the Miku population in check!

All righty, that’s all for now. But tomorrow we’re visiting a garden, so I’ll have lots of pictures to share. A few figures are coming along, but we’ll see how many pictures I get of them since public figure photography never fails to make me nervous ^^’


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