Review:figma Haruhi Suzumiya Middle School version

This time I’ll be reviewing another older figma. This figma is none other than Haruhi Suzumiya Middle School version by Max Factory! She was released back in 2010 and depicts the younger Haruhi we see in the Tanabata episode and briefly during the movie. I was skeptical of this figma when it was announced because it felt like Max Factory was milking the Haruhi franchise a bit too much and ended up not getting her. But after a while, I decided to put her on my wishlist and eventually found a fellow collector willing to trade theirs. So let’s see if this version of Haruhi is a worthy purchase!

First, the box:

Like the previous boxes in the Haruhi figma series, Middle School Haruhi’s box is white with just a dash of color. I really like orange and yellow combo as it compliments the figure nicely and is appealing on it’s own. Not sure if it’s just because orange is the “color of the year”, but I’ve been rather fond of orange lately.

Ok, now to get a better look at Haruhi herself.

Unfortuately my Haruhi suffered from some paint rub off on her head during shipping, but this isn’t a quality control issue at all since she’s secondhand.

From the side.

The back of her hair has some nice shading. Since this Haruhi is younger, she has mid-length hair^^
No let’s examine her more closely.

Haruhi’s trademark bows look really nice! The headband portion is also painted well.

I love the panda on her shirt! It’s so adorable! The orange trim on her shirt looks great too.

Not much to say about her back, but I will note that her torso is partially sculpted under her shirt.

Very nice sculpted details on her jean shorts. The paint on the cuffs is a tad clumpy, but it’s not a big issue.

Her shoes are papaya colored slip-ons. Great summer shoes! ;D

A great benefit of her shorts is the flexibility they allow. Dance Haruhi, dance!
So far, I really like the colors on this figma. Seeing shorts and a t shirt on a figma is also refreshing.

Of course, no figma is coplete without optional parts and acessories! Let’s see what Haruhi has!

Included are five pairs of interchangeable hands.

Open, cupped, fists, pointing, and gripping.

She also has two faces.

Her standard angry stare and an annoyed face.
There isn’t anything special about her hands and the default face is not very interesting, but I do like that annoyed face! It fits Haruhi and is different from faces included with her previous renditions.

As for character specific accessories, Haruhi has two. First is a machine for drawing chalk lines.

This is what Haruhi had Kyon use to write the mysterious message at her middle school. It’s definitely a unique accessory, but not very versatile in my opinion. The wheels move though, that’s exciting.

The next accessory is much more fun. It’s…

A bench! Yes, a bench. But this isn’t just any bench, it’s the bench where Kyon wakes up when Adult Mikuru takes him to the past to meet Haruhi! Yep, that’s a mighty special bench.

Joking aside, this bench is pretty awesome. You can’t get anything like it with other figmas, and it’s great for setting up scenes.

Just look at that wood grain!

And don’t forget all the exciting sitting action this bench allows.

Now that we’ve seen Haruhi, let’s take her outside and have some fun!

rain stopped

Final Words
Haruhi is a very cute figma with a unique outfit and two unusual accessories. Regardless, I think she’s best for Haruhi fans or people who have the other characters in the series. She’s definitely cute though!

Well, thanks for reading! My next review will be…a while from now. But stay tuned for the usual comic and picture goodness!


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