Review: Figma Homura Akemi Uniform Version

Hello everyone, it’s time for another review! This review will be on figma Homura Akemi Uniform version by Max Factory. This particular version of Homura was a Wonderfest exclusive and was only available at Wonderfest or through GSC’c online shop, so she is harder to come by than the standard Magical Girl edition of Homura. One goal of this review is to see if this Homura was worth going through the extra hassle to get.
I’ll go ahead and say that there might be a few Madoka Magica spoilers(episodes 10-12) in this review especially when we get to the accessories, so do be wary of that if you have not watched the entire anime.

Ok, let’s get this review started!

The box is similar to standard Homura’s, except it is a lighter purple.

This figma depicts the clutzy personality Homura had before adopting her signature cold demeanor, so her hair, expression, and socks are drastically different than the Homura we are used to seeing.

A side view

Her back.

Now for some close-ups:

Since this is school Homura, her headband has tiny indents in it. Unfortunately the sculpt on her front headpiece is not as clean as Magical Girl Homura’s. It’s sort of lumpy–almost like someone tried to smooth it out with their fingers.

Her braids are lovely though. You don’t see figmas with braids often.

Nice little bows.

Her torso is very smooth and I love that big red ribbon!

Waha! Another bow on her back! This figma is great if you love bows XD. And see that itty bitty hold at the base of her neck? That’s some good detailing!

She has puffy sleeves, but enough room was left that the puffs don’t get in the way at all when posing her arms.

There are frills on her cuffs, and the pink lines are painted very cleanly. But what amazes me is that ring! Her hands are tiny, yet there is a ring on every single right hand! That’s really impressive for a mass produced action figure!

The plaid on her skirt looks very nice and the contrast is bold. You can also see the most noticeable paint error on my Homura, but it’s not bad considering how well everything else was done.

Unlike regular Homura, this Homura has black kneesocks instead of tights.

Overall, she looks great, but it’s dissapointing that nothing was included to recreate serious uniform Homura as well. The nendoroid provides long hair and legs with tights for both versions of Homura, but the figma is strictly Moemura, so you’ll have to take parts from other figmas if you want to have serious school Homura.

Now that we’ve seen Homura, let’s see what she comes with!
First are her faces.
Homura comes with three faces.

Worried, a side glare, and scared.

She also has four pairs of hands and two right hands for use with her accessories. The hands are:

Top: Open, fists, gripping
Bottom: For holding a bow and arrow, and two right hands for holding guns.

Now for her character specific accessories.

First is a typical blue school bag.

Not very exciting since it can’t be opened or anything. But the silver looks good, and it’s a nicely done bag.

What’s great about school uniform Homura is that she has accessories to make Magical Girl Homura more exciting. I like to think of her as a Homura expansion pack! Since the rest of the accessories are for Magical Girl Homura, we’ll be bringing her in to help out with the rest of the review.

Say hi Homura!

First up is a gun!

Homura uses lots of guns, so more are always welcome!

What pretty gold bullets!
Now, I’m no gun expert, but common sense is telling me that the legs on the front of the gun mean you use it lying down. That’s fine until you remember figmas can’t lie down like that!

Sniping fail.
This sort of renders the gun useless, so I guess the only pose you can use it in is this one from the box.

Or maybe you could put it on a wall. Honestly, I won’t be using it much since I stink at fighting poses ^^’

The next accessory is *gasp* another gun!

Reminds me of those green army men.

Homura is always watching.

A bow is also included

This bow is only used by Homura in the last episode and is apparently her true weapon.

The bow is really big too!

The jewels are reminiscient of Madoka’s bow.
You can’t have a bow without arrows!

The arrows have a slight purple tint to differentiate them from Madoka’s.
Her last accessory is an alternate hairpiece with a Madoka’s pink ribbon.

The pink ribbon goes with her scowling face quite nicely. Scowl, Homura, scowl!

How do you tie that thing, anyway?

Now that we’ve seen Homura and her accessories, let’s go out and have some fun! Picture Time!

City Roof
A new way to fight.
I don’t think the shield is supposed to be there…

homura's new look

sad movie
Movie night with Madoka.

Final Words
Homura is by no means a boring figma, but I think she works best with her Magical Girl form. I had alot of fun combining the accessories but found myself playing with my newly “upgraded” Magical Girl Homura more. But getting this figma really made me want to get the Madoka uniform version. So if you’re a mega Homura fan or have the other girls, she’d be a great addition. But on her own, she’s a bit lacking.

Well, that’s all I have to say about Homura. Thanks for reading! ^^

9 thoughts on “Review: Figma Homura Akemi Uniform Version

  1. I got her as a present from my parents. I was so surprised! It was 11:30 pm and I was just extremely tired because I had been studying since I arrived at home. (Secondary school is tough though 😅😅) well,when I was going to get into bed,I touched something strange,pulled it out the blanket and it was this Figma!! I had to wait until next day to take her out the box and I was dying on the inside 😂😂. I am pretty surprised it was an original piece,since my parents don’t know much about the bootlegs out there… and I just thank them so much!
    By the way,I’m a young collector (I’m 13 lol) and my parents don’t let me spend a lot of money in Figmas. The only time I can spend more money on them is at cons. Do you think buying Figmas at cons is a safe bet or not? I already got one Figma from a con and it is my favorite,though,but I recently heard that it is not very safe… I suppose I should just be careful for bootlegs,don’t I? Thank you in advance for the advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello, and sorry for the slow response. I don’t update my blog like I used to!

      Buying figmas cons is OK, but it’s honestly not the best. There’s always the risk of bootlegs, and prices tend to be inflated by a lot. However, if cons are your best bet, then go ahead, but know what to look for to avoid bootlegs and do some shopping around for the best deal before you buy. I suggest looking up some figma bootleg guides and being familiar with how much the figma you want usually costs. I bought my first 5 or so figmas at cons and it turned out ok!
      If you attend any of the cons GSC goes to, you can buy them at retail which is nice.
      I hope that was helpful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for your reply! I live in Spain,so GSC doesn’t come here,sadly ;-; but I’m pretty aware of bootlegs now (since my first Figmas were bootlegs,that sucks) and I check the products at cons so that I don’t get any more bootlegs . Just in case, I’ll read a bootleg guide ^^ I hope you update the blog more often!


  2. So I really like this figma, but I don’t think I’m able to get the other one. So do u think I can’t get one without the other or would it not be strange? (Plus my friend already has her magical form and i don’t want him to think I copied him)


  3. I keep wanting this Homura-chan to add the accessories to my standard Homura. I want that hair bow and those arrows! But the resell prices are keeping me away, and I keep thinking it would be weird to have two Homuras – and uniform Homura just isn’t as cool as standard Homura so it would be like having an extra, less-cool Homura standing around (who I would feel bad for). What say you? I know if this were a Barbie and I were 7 or 8 I would have no problem having an extra Barbie for switching out the clothes …


    • I know how you feel. When I first started collecting, I only wanted to have one version of each character since I felt that having several “copies” of one person would be weird. But I eventually dropped this rule since I think having different incarnations someone is really fun. Take Saber for example–her figmas are all so different that it would be a shame to have just one! Right now I have four Sabers all displayed together and they look great.
      Of course this all depends on the size of your collection, how much you want to spend on figures, and what you’re doing with your figures. If you have a small collection and intend to keep it that way, keeping each character unique may be a better choice, but if you’re building a large collection or want your figmas for photos/playing with, then having more accessories is great!


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