Review: Figma Kyon

Today, rather than reviewing a new figure, I’m going to take a teensy step back and review something from 2008. This isn’t the start of something new where I review old figures, it’s actually because I just got this one. This long awaited addition to my collection is figma Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu AKA The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Max Factory. Kyon is the only “normal” member of the SOS Brigade and is often pushed around by Haruhi(like pretty much everyone else in that show). Fun Fact #1 Haruhi was Yami Usagi’s first real anime, so it has a special place in her heart!
Kyon is all the way back on the figma list as standard release #4, so let’s see if he’s stood the test of time!

The Box.

And what a box it is. Kyon’s box has the same layout as the other Haruhi boxes except it has a yellow stripe to match Kyon’s image color. Boxes back then were very simple. Yes.

From the front.

Fun Fact #2 Kyon is the fifth male figma in Yami Usagi’s collection!

Side View.

Just look at those lovely bulging knee joints.

Back View.

A beautiful man blazer slit.
Fun Fact #3 Yami Usagi ate fish with saute’ed vegetables while photographing this review.

Now for some closeups!

You can see the accurate coloring on his buttons and the North High insignia on his blazer. There also doesn’t seem to be any bleeding from his tie, which is impressive. The tie also covers the chest joint so it doesn’t look like he has granny boobs which is always a good thing.

Gold buttons on his sleeve. The shirt poking out is a nice touch.

His pants are brownish grey and pleated. I like the wrinkles near his shoes. The shoes are pretty simple too, but nicely sculpted and painted accurately.

There really isn’t much detail in regards to Kyon. This is more due to his simple uniform than being an older figma. What’s good to know is that he is still in tact(I’m actually his second owner) and moves smoothly.

Now let’s inspect his accessories.
Two faceplates are included:

A blank stare and facepalm face.
Only two? Although two is on the scant side, these two are rather fitting for Kyon since he’s not the most expressive person. Besides, just look at how awesome that facepalm face is!

Just wonderul. Very Kyon.
My only complaint about the facepalm face is the mouth. It looks like someone sliced a piece out of his face and called it a mouth. Not the best mouth ever, but it’ll do.
He also comes with five pairs of optional hands.

Slightly open(or groping if you prefer XD), very open, pointing, fists, and gripping.
Being used to newer figmas by now, my complaint is obvious: the pegs. They can’t be helped and he is figma #4, so it won’t take away from my enjoyment of him, but I should at least mention it.
A while after figmas like Kyon came out(not exactly sure who it started with), Max Factory decided to change the hand design of figmas. The reason? Changing old figma hands is a pain in the lower hind quarters and there is a high risk of breakage. This is especially true of Kyon. Since he is a boy, his hands are bigger and somehow more rigid. This presents the risk of his hands breaking off inside the arm and getting stuck. I this does happen(like with my Itsuki the first time I tried to change his hands >_>) the peg will be stuck and you’ll have to pry it out somehow. Here’s what the hands were changed to:

See? No tiny ball, just a straight peg. Much less nervewracking.
This is no reason to not buy Kyon, just something that should be taken note of(And I’m a tad paranoid after Itsuki’s hand broke XD)

Kyon’s character specific accessories are also lacking a bit.
The more interesting accessory is a video camera.

It’s attatched to his hand and looks pretty good. Of course the fun isn’t in the camera, but the untold number of things he can film with it!

Arararagi knows where it’s at.

The other accessory is much less exciting.

Yep, indoor shoes. Indoor shoes are included with all of the SOS Brigade members(and alot of school uniform figmas for that matter) to help recreate the Hare Hare Yukai dance. I prefer to keep the regular shoes on, but it’s a matter of opinion and at least they included them.
In case anyone was wondering, you change the shoes by violently ripping of Kyon’s foot to expose his scary peg like so:

You can then push the new shoe on the peg and enjoy Kyon’s spiffy new shoes.

Ohoho this is beyond spiffy.
By the way, in case you get confused, the shoes are labeled “L” and “R”. ;D

But if you are dissatisfied with Kyon’s meager accessories, not all is lost! For figma Mikuru Asahina Battle Waitress is here to save the day! Included with this version of Mikuru is another accessory for Kyon, and boy is it awesome! I give you…the deer head!

Yep, an alternate head for Kyon that depicts him wearing part of a deer costume! The deer head is seen very quickly in the regular ending of the anime(not the dance version).

Mikuru doesn’t like deer Kyon.

But Araragi does.
As you can see above, the faces can be removed and swapped out with the deer head. So with this extra head, Kyon has a new face added to his repertoire!

Now that we’ve seen everything he has to offer, let’s see what Kyon can do! Fun picture time!


Final Words
Is Kyon an older figma with few accessories? Yes. Is his sculpt less polished than newer figmas? Yes. Are his hands a pain to change? Yes. Is Kyon boring? HECK NO! I had a ton of fun with Kyon! He also completes my SOS Brigade and makes an awesome victim in comics XD. I totally recommend Kyon and Mikuru’s extras make him even better! Unfortunately he is expensive nowdays and getting hard to find. The good thing is that he’s definitely worth it!


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