Review: Figma Irisviel Von Einzbern

Today’s review is on the lovely figma Irisviel von Einzbern by Max Factory. Irisviel is the wife of Kiritsugu Emiya and mother of Illyasviel von Einzbern(shocking, I know) in Fate/Zero. I’m super excited to have this figma since Iri is my favorite character in Fate/Zero.

By the way, the review today will be taking place in the Wagnaria playset which I spruced up to look like a mansion to suit Iri better.
I have to admit, I’m proud of it. The versatility of this playset will save me lots of money, yes it will.

Ok, let’s take a look at Iri herself:
Her box has the same design as Saber’s, except it is light instead of dark blue.

Out of the box, the sculpting is up to par with that of previous figmas. She looks just like her anime counterpart and blends in with her new home quite nicely I’d say.

From the side.

From behind. Rather than having the hair equipped with figma joints, it is sculpted in a windswept fashion. For this particular figure, I prefer it that way.

A close-up of her chest. I like the detail on the thing(how descriptive) her shirt bow is attatched to. The accuracy on the red dot is admirable, I can only imagine how much paint was wasted getting all the dots to be that perfect XD. The wine color on her shirt is also a nice thing to see on a figure–you don’t see that color often.

A look at her back reveals the hole for the stand and her chest joint. I like the shirt creases near her waist.

She has poofy sleeves and a white cuff on her shirt. The white paint is a tad messy, but I don’t mind.

Rather than being split on the sides, the skirt is a single piece which billows out and still allows decent leg movement. A similar thing was done with figma Mami Tomoe’s skirt.

Her skirt reminds me of a petunia.

The zippers on her boots are painted neatly, there’s also some zig zag detailing on them.

Boots! They’re similar to Kyoko’s.

Now that we’ve seen Iri, let’s look at what she comes with.

Three expressions are included:
Default smiling, angry, and a closed eyes smile.
Of the three, the closed eyes smile is my favorite because I feel it is the most expressive. The other two are rather bland. I wish we’d gotten a blushing face or the determined face she has when she’s driving her car.

She also has four pairs of optional hands.
Fists, open, slightly open, and gripping.

As for character specific accessories, there is only one.
This spiffy magic bird!

The bird is made of three pieces(body and two wings), but is packaged with one wing already attached.

As you can see, he is devilishly handsome.

The bird is supposed to be made of magic glowing thread and looked pretty darn cool in the show, so I’d say they translated it as well as they could in toy form. The silver lines look good and we all know how Max Factory loves their clear plastic!

To add to the aerial excitement, the bird comes with a clip which allows him to fly next to Irisviel or balance on her arm.

It attaches to Irisviel’s stand and once you plug the stand painfully into the bird’s rear, you get this:
My rendition doesn’t look nearly as cool as it did on the box, but attatching the bird to the stand wasn’t as easy as I’d have liked because the wings kept falling off. Be careful with the part that clips on to the stand though, the one that came with my figma Aya Shameimaru broke rather easily.
I would criticize the scant accessories, but there honestly is not much more she could have come with. Even the bird only appeared once and for a very short time.

Now that we’ve gotten a good look at Iri, let’s take her out and have some fun! Photo time!

Bird of Light
Behold the glowing bird of wonder!

tea outdoors
Drinking tea~

The Fate Zero group looking cool.

cool 1

hug hug
Quality time.

It’s important to always have tiny babies on hand.

Taking a stroll through the snow.

Final Words
Irisviel is a solid sturdy figma. Unfortunately, she lacks personality. This isn’t really Max Factory’s fault since she doesn’t do much in the anime, but because of that, this figma has nothing to make her stand alone without Saber or Kiritsugu. I’d say she’s more of an accessory for the other Fate/Zero figmas and as you can see in the extra pictures, I had a hard time making her appear interesting alone.(note: many of these photos of her with Kiritsugu were added after long after I got her) But like I said before, I LOVE Iri and am very happy with my purchase. So if you love Iri too or are collecting Fate figmas, go ahead and get her. But if you’re looking for a fun figma that will stand alone, you might want to skip Iri and get someone else.


5 thoughts on “Review: Figma Irisviel Von Einzbern

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  2. I am very sorry, but I published a few of your pictures in my diary.
    I pointed to each picture link to your site, and also added a link at the bottom. But if you’re against it, please tell me and I’ll delete it.
    This is very impressed with me!


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