Random Pictures 1

I absolutely love early morning light for photography. A simple change of light makes things look so different and new. The problem is that I am absolutely terrible at waking up early XD. This photoshoot is one of the rare times I’m actually awake to see the sunrise…it happened because I stayed up all night, but let’s not talk about that >_>.
Anyway, here are my pictures from that shoot, there aren’t as many as I would’ve liked, but it’s better than nothing ^^

Caster! She was my second PVC, and I’m so happy to have her. I’ve yet to take a picture of her that I feel is really impressive, but this one isn’t bad! I’m happy with the colors, they remind me of salmon =P Hmmm that mirror is due for a cleaning…

This picture wasn’t too interesting on it’s own, so I decided to experiment with photo editing on it.

I have the worst time photographing this picture, but decided to include this one since it’s probably the best one I’ve taken of her.

Cute little Mikus taking a nap >///<

Love the light in this one O_O. I thought Kamineko would be perfect for a morning photoshoot since she has alot of transparent parts.

Shiny shiny =D

Put Miku in front of an opaque curtain and edited in the frosty frame and added some focal blurring.

Well, that’s all for this shoot ^^. I have a review do to tomorrow, I hope you enjoyed this post =)

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