Random Pictures 2

Alrighty! In addition to daily comics(at least until I catch up with my backlog–we’ve still got a long way to go), I’m going to start posting regular photoshoots. I try to take new pictures daily during the summer, and the weather is warm(maybe too warm), so now is the best time for daily photoshoots!
photoshoots will have all of the pictures I’ve taken for the day. This post is actually a compilation of three days since I just got around to fixing the pictures. ^^
Ok! Picture time!

I spent the first day in a patch of grass in my backyard. I love how long grass looks in the sunlight–especially when it’s a beautiful day. Pretty grass is my go to when I can’t think of anything, my only fear is that the pictures will all look the same XD

Kureha is my third PVC. I like her, but feel that her quality is not quite up to par with my other two PVCs. I actually wanted the Max Factory version and bought her since Max Factory’s is expensive, but can’t help but feel that I’m missing out. I think I’ll keep her until either I have money for Max Factory’s or a miracle causes it to be re-released.

Another picture of her–I like how the colors came out.

My lovely armored Sabers basking in the sun.

Saber with Saber Zero’s head. I kind of like that ponytail on her.

Rider is finally getting some attention. I don’t photograph her much because I have trouble posing her. She also works best in action poses and I’m awful with those XD. The pink and green contrast is nice though.

Saber Lily is not happy. I need to remember to use that face in some comics ;D

Smiling Saber is so cute >///<

This was taken on the other side of the yard when the sun was setting. Invisible Excalibur looks pretty cool like that. I need to remember to photograph it like that more.

Shiro’s harem family is getting bigger. Now I just need Alter and Extra(and Bride when she comes out).

The second day I played with my Madoka Magica figures, but only had time to photograph Madoka and Homura. I need to get started earlier so I’ll have more time for photos ^^’

Ooh~ mysterious.

Going for that last episode feel.
For some reason, there is a pile of rocks in my back yard. It works very nicely for desolate landscape photos.

Yes Homura! Be happy! Be happy!

I only have three pictures from the third day since I was lacking in inspiration a bit. But there are some nice flowers in the back yard!

Tsukihi in the hydrangeas. Getting even a nendo petite to stay in those flowers wasn’t easy.

My first scaled figure, Nessa. I just couldn’t resist ordering when Mikatan previewed her!

Nessa and her tiny counterpart. They’re so cute together ^^

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to do gallery posts more often, and next time it will only be for one day. I hope you enjoyed this post!


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