Review: Figma Saber Zero version.

The subject of today’s review is Figma Saber Zero version by Max Factory. This figma represents Saber as she is seen in Fate/Zero during the fourth Holy Grail War(Fate/Zero preceeds Fate/Stay Night) in which she is the servant of Kiritsugu Emiya.
This is actually the sixth Saber figma to be released(my fourth) and the first to have her wearing pants!

So let’s go ahead and look more closely at Saber!
The box is blue with the sillhouettes of trees adorning the bottom and a full moon at the top. It fit’s the atmosphere of Fate/Zero and makes Saber very noticeable. Good job, box.
*note to self: Don’t wear vibrant colors when photographing reflective surfaces*
Let’s look at Saber now…

Saber’s signature suit is well represented here. The suit works very well with Saber’s comparatively masculine demeanor in Fate/Zero. Good job, suit.

A classy profile.

Her back.

Not only is this Saber’s outfit simple, so is her hair
A lovely ponytail. Saber Lily is the only other Saber rendition with a ponytail.

The ponytail is balljointed, so you can swivel it any way you want.
It does pop out easily though(no damage to the figure), so be sure to keep an eye on it!

The front of her suit is nicely detailed.
A black suit with a grey shirt? How monochromatic.

Silver bracelets on her wrists.

Pockets on the side of her blazer.
And a sexy seam line XD

Like all other figmas with pants and a blazer, she suffers from flat butt syndrome. But I guess it’s better than the alternative issue–diaper butt-itus.

Clearly whoever designed her stopped caring when they got to the shoes.

Starfish Saber!

Saber kick!

Run Saber, run!

Now that we’re done tearing Saber limb from limb assessing her articulation, we can look at her optional parts.

Saber comes with three faces:
A stern sideways glance, a gentle smile, and a fierce fighting expression.

By themselves the faces are great and accurately reflect Saber’s range of emotions in Fate/Zero, but I do have to comment on their lack of originality when compared to the other Saber figmas.
See what I mean? These faces are taken from three different Saber figmas(Armored,Zero, and Lily) and are almost identical. Although it is not entirely Max Factory’s fault since Saber does make this face alot, something different would be nice.

The stern face falls short, but the smiling face makes up for that since previously Saber Casual version was the only Saber figma to have a happy face. This is great since Casual Saber is hard to find now, and nobody wants a room full of angry Sabers!
Suit Saber gets all the…ladies?

Now for her hands!
Saber comes with 5 pairs of optional gloved hands and one special hand. They are:
Fists, spread out hands, cupped hands, gripping hands with which to hold items, hands without wrist joints to hold her sword(we’ll get to that next), and a special hand to hold the sheath with.

Saber’s hands have a nice glossy finish and all fit tightly, but be careul when removing them since the bracelets

Now let’s see what kinds of accessories she has!
First is an optional hair piece with windswept bangs.

Casual Saber is impressed.

Next is Saber’s invisible sword which is a concealed version of her noble phantasm, Excalibur.


Nice detailing. The sword has a lavender hue.
It’s great to see the invisible sword as an accessory since it was used at the beginning of Fate/Zero and throughout most of ate/Stay Night and was not included with previous Saber figmas.
But that’s not all for the invisible sword! We also get this awesome effect part!
Thanks for holding that, Saber!

To use the part, simply slide it on to the invisible sword!

Tada! Now Saber can slash away!

But the invisible sword is nothing compared to the real thing!
Behold! Excalibur in all of its visible glory!
Bold colors with accurate painting and great detailing.

You get the sheath as well.

Rich colors.

More wonderul details.

That concludes my review of Saber Zero! Not let’s see what kind of pictures I can take of her!

Swapping faces with Saber Lily. This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken!

scrambled eggs
Using her yelling face on Casual Saber.
Remember: Knights don’t always make good housewives.

the long haired king
Her hair and face make a dramatic shot for standard Saber.


She looks super cool alongside Kiritsugu.

gl 10
Saber Zero’s yelling face is definitely one of her most passionate, so I love using it for fighting stances.

gl 11

gl 12

Final Words
Although simple, Saber Zero is well made and looks great. But she truly shines when added to a collection. Whether it be with other Saber figmas, the rest of the Fate/Zero line(currently Irisviel and Kiritsugu), or her super cool motorcycle, Saber Zero works best when she is part of a collection and runs the risk of being boring otherwise. I love her spiffy suit and can’t wait to pose her with other Fate figmas. ^^


5 thoughts on “Review: Figma Saber Zero version.

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  3. Well, Saber is the mass production figure/figma/nendoroid right now on the market, of course the idea to create more productive faces become far less important, just like having brand clothes. Having the “Saber” name on the merchandises are enough for collector to peek their head into it. I am still love Saber though, in her original version and suit version only ^^


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