Review: Figma Ika Musume

Today you’ll be sea-ing a review on an ink-redible character, de geso. I’ll give you a shrimp is you can guess who it is, de geso!

That’s right, today’s review is on Figma Ika Musume by Max Factory! Ika Musume is the ink-redible invader from the anime Shinryaku Ika Musume. In the anime, Ika Musume is forced to work at the beach house Lemon to pay for a wall she broke during her attempted invasion.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s dive head first into the review!
The box has a lovely marine theme which is fitting since Ika Musume comes from the sea.

And here’s Ika free from her box!
Ika’s cartoony design makes her an awesome figma!

From the side.

Her back.

On Ika’s head, you can see her squid-tastic hat.
The sculpt is clean and she’d be dead without it(no, seriously).

Here’s where being a figma has it’s advantages!
Since Ika’s “hair” is actually tentacles, the back of her head is fitted with joints. The tentacles themselves are a mixture of soft and hard PVC. Not each tentacle is poseable, but they can be spread apart and moved in groups.

Her dress is made entirely of soft PVC. Very bendable, but be sure not to stain it.

Bold pattern on her skirt.

And her shoes! They remind me of Minnie Mouse. =3

Now we can take a look at Ika’s optional parts!

She comes with three faces
An invading expression, a happy face(for when she’s eating shrimp), and a frightened face.
I love all of the faces, but wish there could have been more since Ika makes alot of funny faces in the show. This is unlikely though since three faces is considered standard for figmas.

She also has five pairs of interchangeable hands.
Default open, pointing, clawed(these can be used for several things), fists, and gripping(to hold accessories).

Her character specific accessories include:
A rather generous serving of shrimp fried rice.

A plate of squid ink pasta(Ika makes the ink herself).

These are perect since Ika is a waitress at Lemon!
The clawed hands are meant to hold the plates, but there are no pegs on the plates or hands which forces you to merely balance the food in her hands. I’ve found the deault hands work better.

There’s also a glass of beer! You’ll definitely be seeing this pop up in a few comics.

You can even remove the beer to make the glass empty.

No beer makes Ika sad…

The last two accessories are tentacle related.
First is another head with short tentacles.
She’s not very happy about that…

The second and cooler accessory is another front hairpiece with super long tentacles.

They seem bulky and inconvenient until you realize the tentacles are bendable!
They can move because there are wires inside.

They’re quite fun.

The tentacles can be bent into all kinds of shapes. This is such a neat original figma accessory that majorly boosts Ika’s playability!

Just be sure not to break the–
Well then…we’ve seen enough of that anyway, haven’t we?
*note* Don’t try to bend the tentacles over her head*

And on that note, we’re finished looking at Ika, so let’s go outside and have some fun with her!
Too bad I’m not anywhere near a beach, or I’d take her there. Perhaps I can take Ika to the lake one day…

shared enthusiasm
Ika and Racing Miku are equally enthusiastic about shrimp.

Final Words
I’m happy with her. Her simple bright design lends to a lovely figma and the moveable tentacles were nicely excecuted. I only wish I had a beach to take her to. It’s also a shame that they most likely won’t expand and make figmas of more characters from the show, although this is understandable since the other characters are human.


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