Review: Figma Kyoko Sakura

Our subject for today is the fiery redhead Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica. Kyoko is the fifth of the magical girls to appear in the anime and the fifth to be figmatized in her magical girl costume(behind Madoka,Homura,Mami,and Sayaka). She loves food, and fights for herself. Like other figmas, she is manufactured by Max Factory.

The box matches the design of the other girl’s boxes except it is red to match Kyoko.

And here’s Kyoko!
Reviewing these pictures really made me appreciate her colors. That red is so gorgeous!

I could not get the stand to fit into her back.

Back view

The top of her ponytail is soft PVC

Her ponytail is jointed and can be moved up and down, but not side to side.

Her shoulder.

Soft PVC on the wrist

The painting on her collar is OK, even so the contrast it creates is very pretty. Mine came with the scuff near her stomach.

The back of her overcoat is jointed to make it pose able.


Love the sculpting here. The white ruffles and red overcoat remind me of Santa Claus. Which is a good thing?

Her boots reflect the motif found in the rest of her costume

There are even stripes on the sides!

I’m quite pleased with her. Her articulation is much better than Sayaka’s and her colors are rich and anime accurate. The joints in her clothing are awesome as well.
Now for the accessories!

Kyoko has three interchangeable faces:
Happy, angry, and a pocky face!

You have to put the pocky in the face yourself, it’s not hard at all, but the pocky is tiny. A second one is provided, but take care not to lose them(especially when opening the box).

She also has four pairs of hands and three special ones. The hands included are:
Open, fists, gripping to hold accessories, and a pair of gripping hands without jointed wrists to allow her to hold her weapon(which we will see later).
The special hands are: a hand to hold one of her accessories(which we’ll also get to later), a hand with a box of pocky, and a taiyaki hand.

I said she loves food, didn’t I?
The food accessories are great. Not only are they unique to Kyoko, they can easily be used with other figmas for all sorts of fun.

Of course we wouldn’t want to forget Kyoko’s weapon which is an intimidating spear!
The fact that Kyoko uses a spear says alot about her personality.

The spear is actually taller than Kyoko!

But there’s more to Kyoko’s spear than meets the eye. We see in the anime that it is able to break into multiple pieces. To imitate this, pieces of another spear are included.

The bottoms of the chain pieces are plugged into the gold pieces, and when you’re finished putting them together, it will look like this:
Tada! Kyoko’s disjointed spear! Be prepared to twist it around(be careful) to make it look cool and not like a limp monkey tail. Also note that only one spear head is provided, so you’ll have to pop the head off one spear before using the other. It also prevents you from having double spear action.

And now for the last of Kyoko’s accessories(which I find quite amusing).
Kyubey! Too bad we didn’t get a different Kyubey with all of the girls.
Daaaw look at those little tosies!

Here’s where that pinching hand from earlier comes in.
Kyoko! Put Kyubey down, don’t be so mean to the little guy–
Wait, he did what?!
You deserve it, you little devil.

Now that we’ve seen Kyoko, we can take her outside to play!

wild kyubey appeared
A wild Kyubey appeared!

kc 2
Making use of Kyoko’s standard face on her uniform figma!

kyoko and sayaka
Kyoko and Sayaka!

Final Words
Looking back, I had alot of fun with Kyoko. She’s extremely poseable and has a rereshing design for a figma. She also has some of the best accessories of any of the Puella Magi. I’d recommend her even if you don’t have the other girls.

Well, thank you for reading! Tomorrow’s review will be on Figma Ika Musume!


9 thoughts on “Review: Figma Kyoko Sakura

    • Haha it wouldn’t be a perfect fit since the pocky is round and the cigarette is flat, but should be doable. I wouldn’t try it though because those those tiny pieces are a pain even for me XD


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    • The stand still doesn’t really fit. I just prop her against it, but it is possible to shave the stand peg down with a knife or something. I’d rather not do it since I’ve had uncooperative stands fit eventually before.


      • I see. I’m having the same problem and I’m looking for a way to fix it.. It scares me the idea of her falling out of nowhere.


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