Review: Family Restaurant Nendoroid Playset A&B

Thursday night I went to bed late so I could finish writing my review on figma Sayaka Miki, only to be awoken the next morning by the sound of the doorbell announcing the arrival of yet another package. It looks like Sayaka will have to wait until Monday because today we’ll be taking a closer look at Nendoroid Playset #5: Family Restaurant A & B by Phat Company.

As you could probably guess from the title, this is the fifth nendoroid playset Phat Company has produced. Previous sets include: a school room, a Japanese living room, a western style set, and others. So considering what has been released in the past, a restaurant is an interesting choice.
The reason for this seemingly random choice is the anime Working!. Working! tells the story of Souta Takanashi, a highschool student who loves small cute things, and his experience working at the restaurant Wagnaria. Max Factory has already announced several nendoroids from the series which makes it quite obvious that this playset is part of an dubious collaboration between Max Factory and Phat Company to empty wallets. Even so, the sign is the only thing distinguishing the restaurant as Wagnaria, so you’re free to use the playset as a generic cafe. With my wallet feeling a little lighter than usual, I decided to purchase this playset–not for the nendoroids I don’t have, but for my figmas. Figmas are a bit taller than nendoroids, but hopefully they’ll be compatible.

Ok! Enough talking! Let’s look at some pictures!

Here we have the boxes:
The sets are sold separately, but you’ll need both if you want to complete the scene since Part A is the dining area and B is the kitchen.

The sides and backs of the boxes picture nendoroid Poplar Taneshima performing her waitress duties(more evidence of that scheme I was talking about), but since I do not own the Poplar nendoroid, we’ll have to let this review be taken over by none other than…

The Poplar Army

The Poplar army wastes no time in getting the boxes open.

Now the sets are out of their outer packaging. Good job, Poplar army! But assembly is still required. I’ll start with the dining area.


These tiny tiny pieces attatch the walls and floors.

Be sure to use the L shaped piece on the wall with the extra white space at the bottom.

Ta da! It looks like a room now! Now that the room is set up, the Poplar army can move in the furniture.

Our furniture includes:
A table

Two booths

a Wagnaria sign

And some smaller accessories. The gray thing is a device used for taking orders.

With all of the furniture moved in, we can see the dining area fully assembled.

But no dining area is complete without a kitchen!

Part B is put together the same way as Part A and connects to the side.

So let’s see what there is to fill this lovely kitchen with:
A divider so the customers don’t have to see the cooks spitting in their food the kitchen.

A pantry shelf

A refrigerator

A sink

And a wall of stoves with ovens

A knife with a cutting board and some cooking utensils are also includedu1


And here is the result of the Poplar army’s labors! I present to you: Wagnaria!

Now that we have a fully equipped restaurant, it’s time for the grand opening! Let’s see how it went:

Looks like the service isn’t fast enough for Kirino.

It’s always important to have fresh meat on hand.

There’s only one thing Miku wants…

Hot food! Hot food!

Index hungry!

The Araragi sisters seem to be enjoying their meal.

Moe Waitress Mikuru at your service!

Isn’t Tsukihi adorable? I’ll be displaying the set with her and Karen in it ^^

Yuu doing some prep work

Yuu is at home in the kitchen. Figmas look a little big in the kitchen. In the picture above, Yuu is on her knees.

Final Words
I have to say I’m very happy with this playset. It’s pretty much what I expected. Although I do wish there was more room since things can get a little cramped. I’m sure I’ll be having alot of fun with it! Hopefully I can track down the other playsets as well.

Well, thank you for reading! Sayaka’s review will be next


6 thoughts on “Review: Family Restaurant Nendoroid Playset A&B

  1. Who is the character you used for the kitchen in the pictures… the one “Red head girl with the mittens & apron” did you buy the figure like that??? very detailed, I’d like to know because im working on a class project for building a kitchen & would like to know if it came like that so I can buy it. Thanks & love your website


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